VIDEO Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella interview with CBS News

16 and Pregnant Alex Sekella

The girls of 16 and Pregnant Season 4 were in New York City last weekend to film their reunion special with Dr. Drew. But, while they were there, a few of the moms helped promote the show by making appearances and doing interviews. Briana DeJesus and Katie Yeager were featured on Good Morning America and Alexandria Sekella made a video for CBS news.

In the clip, Alex talks about what it was like becoming a mother so young, including how it happened and how it has impacted her life. The video also features footage from Alex’s episode, which looks to be quite dramatic thanks to her baby daddy Matt McCann’s drug problem and Alex’s lack of aversion to getting loud when the situation calls for it:

Be sure to see our profile post on Alexandria Sekella with all sorts of info, photos, and even videos of Alex!

Here are some quotes and highlights from the video:

“I was 16 years old when I got pregnant, right before my 17th birthday. And I was a junior.”

“My friends were excited … ‘Oh my god, you’re going to have a baby! It’s going to be awesome!’ Yeah. You think that because she’s not yours.”

“I really, really wish that I hadn’t become pregnant because an entire year of dance I missed.”

Alex got pregnant even though she was on birth control and her boyfriend Matt was using a condom. Alex was on an antibiotic for a bacterial infection which neutralized her birth control, so when they had a condom burst, it resulted in a pregnancy.

16 and Pregnant Alexandria Sekella's baby daddy Matt

“[Matt] was like, ‘Oh I’m gonna be a dad! It’s gonna be so cool!’ He was really excited about the whole thought of everything and then four or five months down the line that totally fell apart.”

She mentions wondering what if she had given up her daughter for adoption, which is something she appears to seriously consider in the 16 and Pregnant Season 4 trailer.

“I rarely see my friends any more. The only friends that I do see are the people that I work with. I’m working three jobs: at a clothing store, a fast food restaurant, and as a dance teacher.”

“My mother has said to me, ‘I will babysit her, but I will not care for her.’ I have to pay for the things I need to pay for.”

Alex talks about turning down offers from her friends to go out partying because she has responsibilities at home.

“In a month and three days I’m set to graduate. I want to set the standards, and finish, and get my diploma because that’s the only way I’m going to make a better life for my child.”

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  • yarp

    you can use plan b even if it bursts. she is fat trash!

    • Kelly

      Maybe she didn’t know her birth control would fail! Doctors don’t usually tell people those things! She was trying to take the proper precautions, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. At least she is working, graduating, and appears to be doing right by her child. I don’t know this girl personally, but the fact that she had a child young is no reason for you to call her “fat trash”. Grow up.

    • ER

      Seriously. I’m tired of the excuses for why they got pregnant. The burst condom, antibiotics made the pill ineffective, IUD slipped out, missed the shot by one day, didn’t know it took more than 2 days for the pill to work are all wearing thin. I think Meghan Nelson, Chelsea’s friend, is an idiot for getting knocked up but at least she said “we didn’t use anything”. And, as Yarp said- Plan B exists!!!!!
      Good for Alex for stepping up, working, parenting, being in school, etc. But just own up to it- you were horny and careless.

      • Kelly

        All I am saying is that it is entirely possible that she thought she was protected. Why would someone take plan b if they didn’t realize they would need it? A lot of people are unaware that antibiotics counteract birth control because many doctors fail to tell them. If she wasn’t taking birth control and the condom broke I would entirely agree that she should have taken plan b, but that isn’t the case. Calling her trashy like the person above is totally uncalled for. Yes she got pregnant at a young age, but at least she’s taking care of business now.

        • Sara

          I agree with Kelly! My sister-in-law was 15 when she got pregnant, and her boyfriend used a condom, it had burst, she used plan B, but it DIDN’T WORK. It doesn’t always work! You have to be pretty unlucky, but it happens! So stop with your damn judging!

          But, I must admit, what are the chances she ALSO took the pill and was ineffective?

          She must be the unluckiest girl on earth.

  • Jennifer G

    I have never heard of a doctor not telling somebody that antibiotics make the pill ineffective! But more then likely in my opinion the doctor said something but the girl wasn’t listening. I agree with ER these excuses are wearing thin. And parents of these teens need to step up too and keep better track of there teens….my mom always made sure she knew where I was who I was around and made sure I was taking my pill and using condoms.

    • Kelly

      In your case the doctor was kind enough to inform you. I am also on birth control and my doctor NEVER told me. Thankfully I didn’t get pregnant. Just because your doctor told you doesn’t mean all doctors are as helpful.

    • ER

      I’m with ya Jennifer. Also, I’m not sure about where everybody else lives but where I live, they put a label on their drugs that interfere with antibiotics saying they may interfere with other prescreption medication.

    • mere

      these girls aren’t using excuses as to why they got pregnant. they’re just plain stating the fact as to how it happened. obviously all these girls realize that they were being careless or were uneducated like Alex was. when I first started taking birth control, my doctor never told me that antibiotics can make birth control ineffective.

      All of these girls are admitting that they made mistakes. not one single girl has claimed that getting pregnant wasn’t their fault. they’re just explaining HOW they ended up being careless and getting pregnant.

  • Ellen

    @ Jennifer G-I have been on bc for 8 years for PCOS and NEVER ONE TIME has a doctor told me that antibiotics can make bc ineffective. I actually just found out by reading this article.

  • Elle

    Your DR should not have to tell you about antibiotics and birth control pills not working together. It’s in that nice little write up that comes with every prescription that gets filled.

    Wasn’t this the girl that put her baby in an unsafe carseat then acted like a bitch when people pointed it out to her? Ugh. You’ve got to love it when your own blissful ignorance is more important than your childs safety.

    • Kelly

      Well I guess they just miss my prescription right? Because I most certainly do not get a write up telling me that. Anyway the original point in my argument was that she thought she was protected and stuff happens. It isn’t right to call her trash because if it.

  • um no

    Sorry. My doctor never told me antibiotics would make it ineffective. I did read that on the insert, but is a 16 year old going to read the entire insert? Doubt it….highly doubt every 16 year old will sit there and read every word.

    • lovelula

      totally agree um no – it’s so easy for me to have the power of retrospect as a woman in her mid-twenties (“who doesn’t read the pill label?” or “who doesn’t thoroughly do their research about the medical aspects before having sex?”) but let’s face it – even as a relatively sensible 16 year old, when it came to sex it pretty much was “let’s use a condom and i’ll be all good.” most teens aren’t really equipped with the maturity to have sex, but unfortunately biological urges get in first.

      i feel bad for this girl, it seems she genuinely thought she was engaging in safe sex.

  • Brittany

    Antibiotics do not make BC ineffective. All studies that have been done show that they do not have an effect. In the insert, they put that they “may” make it ineffective because there was a false association with failed pregnancy and antibiotics and the stigma stuck. Take your BC correctly, same time everyday, and it is beyond 99% effective. Such bullsh!t I’m so sure she was on BC AND wearing condoms. whatever. Admit you made a mistake and move on. Jesus.

    • lovelula

      and where does that information come from?

      seems like the consensus is antibiotics interfere with birth control in the medical community.

      i’d love to read information rebutting the premise though.

  • Renee

    At one point her mom said “I think you’re gonna turn to the wrong support system” kinda like “hint hint”. I wonder if Alex use to do drugs to. This episode is secretive.

  • http://google mscandy

    I hope thing turn out good for alex she didnt give up because she was scared and her baby daddy is a loser . she is tryin her best and thats all she can do. so good for you alex your taking the right steps. school ,work , and home to baby .

  • ER

    I just got around to watching this episode.
    WHY was she only planning this stuff out at 8 months???? Also, Yes, Matt was a loser and will be a terrible father (he seems to be so far). BUT- everything I got from this episode listening to him, he thought adoption was the best option. Not saying this justifies the fact that he’s a deadbeat druggie father, but I think for all intents and purposes he wasn’t ever planning to play a role in the kids life. If she had been talking about adoption the whole time, I can understand why he wasn’t planning on parenting. I wouldn’t be able to give a baby up- especially after you carry it and love it for 9 months. I’m not judging alex for keeping her, but Matt made it pretty clear he wasn’t financially or emotional capable to be a dad. It’s not like the awful episode with Kianna where her boyfriend talked her out of adoption.
    I LOVED Alex’s mom. She is up there with Lori’s parents and crabby Emily’s mom from season 3- you had sex, you got pregnant, if you want to raise a child you’re doing it on your own because you made all those other decisions on your own. Tough love, but I would do the same thing and my parents made it clear they would do the same thing with me.

  • Justsayinn

    Matthew McCann <3