Coco gets high by sniffing dryer sheets

Coco addicted to snifing dryer sheets

Coco T (or Nicole “CoCo” Austin) could be featured in a celebrity spinoff (they should totally do that) of My Strange Addiction. The Lady of Booty gets high by sniffing dryer sheets.

Sunday night on Watch What Happens Lives Andy Cohen gifted Coco with a bedazzled dryer sheet box (because she “narrowly” won a game of guessing if whether or not the cleavage they were showing was butt cleavage or breast cleavage.) The above pic is what happened within half a second of Coco receiving the box. When Andy asked if it made her high, she responded in the affirmative.

Wondering how Andy knew she liked dryer sheets, we found this footage from her reality show Ice Loves Coco. She talks about how she does a ton of laundry because she changes cloths a lot, but also because she loves the smell of dryer sheets. She puts fives sheets in each load, and of course, deeply inhales from the sheets themselves.

Ice gave her some grief about being weird, but basically just laughed it off as a quirk. Dryer sheets are no joke, though, they’re full of harmful chemicals that we shouldn’t be inhaling like that! There actually was a lady on TLC’s My Strange Addiction who actually ate dryer sheets, and the doctor pretty much told her she was gonna get cancer if she didn’t stop. Sniffing the sheets probably isn’t as bad, but deeply inhaling the way Coco is doing could definitely introduce some harmful carcinogens into her system, not to mention the toxins making her high that might effect her brain and nervous system. Dyer sheets are whack Coco! Stop the madness!

  • Blahblahblah

    Love her. They’re a fun couple.

  • Nathan

    So, if dryer sheets contain harmful chemicals, is it really a good idea to put them in a dryer where they are heated up and release the chemicals on your clothes? Just wondering.

    • Diana

      Those were my thoughts too, as chemicals can penetrate skin and enter the bloodstream.

      If nothing else, it does make you wonder…

      *On a side note, I put that many dryer sheets in my laundry as well….I like my clothes to smell good. However, unlike Coco, I don’t snarf them. 😉

  • Ladylow

    Lol i do that all the time, and smell my clothes when i take them out the dryer my mom n husband make fun of me.
    I think she said the comment in good fun. The loves the smell thats all…. 🙂

  • SusieQs

    Recently I was advised to put dryer sheets out on my porch to keep the chipmunks/squirrels from trying to eat out of my flower pots. Was told they despise the smell…

  • oatmeal stout

    I don’t use any dryer sheets for that reason, I’ve read before how they definitely contain harmful chemicals.