Coco defends nude photo with infant nephew on Twitter

Ice T’s wife Coco is famous for pushing the envelope of what is appropriate and inappropriate on Twitter by sharing revealing photos of her enhanced attributes in various states of undress. For example, every week she celebrates “Titty Tuesday” with a racy photo of her augmented chest, usually with just enough hidden to not merit being tagged as pornographic by the social media site.

But this week Coco seemed to plunge over the line of bad ta-taste when she shared the above photo of herself and her sister’s infant son Austin along with the tweet:

1am in LA and my sis, Kristy keeps flashing the camera while me and my nephew,baby Austin,try to sleep..Man, this is a spoiled baby.

The photo and the tweet were deleted shortly thereafter, but as this article is evidence of, the damage had already been done. And is it just me or is this photo not only horribly inappropriate, but downright dangerous? That’s a smothering hazard if I’ve ever seen one!

UPDATE – Coco is currently in the process of addressing the photo controversy on Twitter. Here is what she has said so far:

Wow! I need to take a moment & speak my mind about the pic I posted with my nephew that people are making it a bigger thing than it is

I took the pic down because people were twisting the story & makin it into something that wasn’t.I’m gonna repost so u can see 4 yourselves

At 1 am I was sleeping with my sisters baby (the one I help delivered on my show) I had no clothes on because that’s how I sleep…..

It was a beautiful,natural moment..I had no makeup on just caring for my nephew & my sister saw how precious the moment was & took a pic

….When I look at the pic I see how I love to spend time with my family in a nurturing way but people turned it into a gross thing……

Shame on all of u..Since when is naked gross!Its completely natural!Thats how we were born,plus my family knows me and accepts me for that..

I done w/ this subject! My sister @AngelBabynaz loves that I’m so loving & affectionate w/her kids.I have none so I spoil them.She’s Ok w/it

UPDATE – Coco has now re-posted the photo along with the tweet “This is the pic that people were talkin about with me & my sisters baby.This is such a beautiful,sweet & natural sight… ”

Coco has expressed numerous times before that she desires to have a child, and reportedly went to a doctor not too long ago believing she may have been pregnant. But, the doctor revealed the symptoms she was experiencing were due to high blood pressure and not because she was pregnant. (All of it was caught on camera, of course, for the second season of her reality show Ice Loves Coco, which is set to premiere on E! February 19.)

Coco was photographed with her nephew yesterday in Hollywood, this time in clothes:

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