VIDEO Mackenzie Douthit 16 and Pregnant Season 4 sneak peek

16 and Pregnant's Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee

MTV’s 16 and Pregnant returns for a fourth season with back-to-back episodes Tuesday, March 27. One of those episodes will feature Mackenzie Douthit, a blonde cheerleader from Miami, Oklahoma. (You can find out all about Mackenzie in our profile post about her and her family.)

A few weeks ago MTV began airing a commercial for the new season featuring just Mackenzie, and now they have released a sneak peek at her episode! The clip appears to be the complete first minute with the patented background narration and lead up to the pregnant belly shot and “because… I’m pregnant!” reveal.

Mackenzie looks to be a poster child for the All-American high school girl, and it appears as though she comes from a very loving and stable family. Could it be that MTV is trying to distance itself from a lot of the negative Teen Mom headlines by kicking of the season with a straight-forward, relatively drama-free (although certainly emotional!) premiere episode? Sounds good to me!

Mackenzie Douthit notebook from 16 and Pregnant Season 4

The other episode airing March 27 will be Katie Yeager – you can check out our profile on her HERE!

  • Thelma

    I actually have a bit of respect for this girl because of her family history with the man with down’s syndrome.

  • Sara

    I hate her. I am so jelous of her amazing baby bump that has no stretch marks! She id so lucky! She seams like a great girl now lets hope shes a great mom.

    • cookie monster

      I dont believe that just because she is pretty and has no strech marks that u should be jealous

  • dorsia

    I know. I have stretchmarks after gaining some weight from college and have been working out for months and using Palmers. I’m still a size 8 so wtf.

  • Ashley

    Ha her pronunciation of Miami made me laugh.

  • em_ri

    @Ashley, that is how they pronounce it. Its Mi-am-a not Mi-am-ee, its weird…I thought it was like Florida until I moved an hour away from it.
    Also they have Katie’s preview posted on MTV…if you go to 16&P, then click the Mackenzie and Katie thing on the side you can find Katies.

  • Forrest

    Mackenzie will also be featured on Teen Mom 3! c:

  • Forrest


  • Tiffany

    @Ashley, that is how us Okies say Miami. It is not pronounced like Miami in FL.

  • Kay Kay

    I didn’t really care for her you can tell that she was and is the popular b!tchy girl that everyone loves to hate

  • Debbie

    Please don’t judge all Miamians by this one family looking for their 15 minutes. You can get a good education here. The middle and high school offers AP classes. Miami has some of the highest test scores in the State of Oklahoma. Seriously most girls know you don’t get fat from birth control pills and if they don’t know this then maybe they should give up cheerleading and focus on studying. What an embarrassment. And Mackenzie if you don’t want your son knowing you wish you had never become pregnant then maybe you should never have said it on television!

  • cookie monster

    she is a very pretyty girl i cant waits to c her on teen mom 3 yay!!!!!!!!!