Jenelle Evans arrested over cyberstalking charges filed by James Duffy; out of jail within hours after posting $1000 bond

Earlier today Holly Baby said they spoke with Jenelle Evans’ lawyer Dustin Sullivan, who confirmed there was a warrant out for Jenelle’s arrest. Now, an article from a local news website in North Carolina,, reports that Jenelle is back behind bars on cyberstalking charges levied by James Duffy, the former boss who released party photos of Jenelle online. Jenelle has claimed that Duffy poisoned her food, and the food of her friend Tori.

Jenelle turned herself in. Her bond is set at $1000, which her attorney Dustin Sullivan told Gossip Cop she was prepared to pay.

UPDATE: She has posted bond, and was released from jail at 2:30 this afternoon.

Here is her most recent mug shot photo:

Jenelle Evans mugshot photo for cyberstalking arrest March 5 2012

UPDATE – Jenelle’s lawyer spoke with Radar Online and called the charges against Jenelle absurd. “He’s just retaliating against Jenelle,” Dustin Sullivan said. “The charges have no merit. This is just absurd.” When asked if he thought the new charge would affect Jenelle’s current probation, Sullivan stated, “I’m not concerned with the affection on her probation.”

Presumably the terms of her bail also require her to leave social media for a month. She tweeted: “Bye bye twitter for a month :(”

Jenelle has also filed cyberstalking charges against James Duffy several weeks ago.

There are so far no specific details about these recent charges.

We’ve reached out to Jenelle’s lawyer, but haven’t heard back from him.

  • Bekka

    Ooooh boy. Here we go again…

  • Laura

    GOOD! hahah

  • Mandy

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA x 1,000,000 🙂



  • Sara

    Well at least she keeps her Lawyer busy and he gets publicity from it…..

  • tab

    wow, what a train wreck. both of them need to do some serious growing up.
    off topic-this picture makes me really hungry for pizza.

  • Katie

    That’s the same mugshot they used LAST time she got arrested….wtf?!

    • Starcasm Staff

      Note the date on the mug shot! It has not been altered and was taken from the local news website They all look similar because she gets booked at the same jail every time recently.

      • Brittney

        Um, and she’s wearing the same clothes in both pictures?!? no, these people are dumbasses. They’ve written this story before, many times.

        • Starcasm Staff

          She’s wearing the same hoodie.

          • em

            I just looked at the last arrest article, and she was wearing the same hoodie with a PINK shirt, this time the shirt is green…

            • Starcasm Staff

              Thank you. Here she is wearing a pink shirt January 16. Don’t why there’s such a controversy over this. Jenelle wears the same hoodie every time, and she’s been booked at the same place the last four or so times, so of course the pictures are going to look similar. But if you actually look at them side-by-side, they’re all different. In one of the first ones this January her face was swollen b/c she had an infection. Newpapers will sometimes run the same mug shot if they don’t have a new one, but they NEVER change the date.

  • El stupido

    Yep, she sure is changing her ways isn’t she. Wow, she hasn’t been arrested for a whole MONTH!

  • Sunshine

    If she filed charges against Duffy why wasn’t he arrested?

  • bbybear

    You know I was rooting for this girl but I have since changed my mind. It’s pretty clear she has no desire to grow up anytime soon so therefore she is just a bunch of talk. I think her mom just needs to take full custody of that child and let this girl keep making a fool out of herself. Also I am not pleased how she keeps getting arrested smiling in pictures, gets a court date, gets out on bail and then goes and does it again. I mean hello there officer ppl don’t you see she is not learning anything except how to be immature and let off the hook because she is “famous.” They need to lock her up and leave her in there awhile that way she can actually learn a lesson because this lock up one hour release is a bit repetitive and tiring.

  • Sara

    She’s never getting custody of Jace, she has to prove to the courts she is mature enough and capable of taking care of him. Which we all see she has really matured so far shes only been arrested once this week, then again it’s only Monday!

  • Mwe

    I don’t want to judge.
    Maybe in a couple of years she’ll mature enough to get custody of her son back. I know when I was her age I wasn’t mature at all.

  • navada

    People really need to lay off her! She obviously is doing the best she can right now and it could bealot worse. What she needs is encouragement not judgment.

    • El stupido

      Please, enlighten us on how she’s “doing the best she can.” I’ll be anxiously awaiting your reply…that will never come.

  • Hilary

    you all need to stop bashing her. She is young and when she is ready she will get herself together and she will get Jace back. Nobody has the right to say that any mother doesnt have the right to parent her child. Obviously Jace was given to her mother for a reason and Jace is safe and taken care of. Jenelle is young and unexperienced with life and motherhood. And really these are cyberstalking charges!!! Not drug charges and its basically her word against his. He probably just want attention seeing as how they both have filed charges.

    • Brittany

      Wrong. CPS has a right to say whether or not a mother can parent her child or not. And apparently Jenelle doesn’t even think she can, which is why she handed over custody to her mother. We can judge all we like. She put herself on TV, she should know it comes with the territory and with those fat paychecks that she blows on pot and other BS. I don’t understand people backing her up. She has no motivation and is scatterbrained to the fullest and getting paid for it. Honestly, MTV gives her more than enough to have straightened her life out and gotten Jace back already. She is wasting a great opportunity and has been doing nothing but wasting it since it started.

      • Mandy

        I don’t think it’s that Jenelle didn’t think she could be a parent, it’s that she didn’t want to be a parent. She wants him to show off to the cameras and for some fun stuff but doesn’t want the hard part of parenting. She is more of a big sister to Jace.

    • Randi

      I’m sorry but I have to strongly disagree with you…I get that she is young…but to say that no one has a right to say that a mother doesn’t have the right to parent their child is just stupid. When a mother is so obviously on a destructive path & shows no interest whatsoever in raising their child, they shouldn’t have the right to parent. & Jenelle obviously doesn’t want to or care to be a parent to Jace because if she did, she would have already gotten her stuff together. She’s had so many opportunities to do the right thing & grow up so she can be a mother & she CHOOSES not to. & to say that she is young & inexperienced with motherhood…the only way to gain experience with motherhood is to actually be a mother to your child, not just be around when it’s convenient. & there are plenty of mothers out there that are young & they have their acts together.

  • Christina

    Its obvious that Duffy is trying to get Jenelle in trouble before April. It’s mighty funny that all this is happening now. Leave her alone.

  • BBT

    All her MTV money is going to go to getting her stupid a$$ out of trouble again and again. She’ll be no better off than when she started, and the entire world now knows that she’s an idiot.

    I doubt she wants her kid back, but if she did, she probably will never get him.

    Nobody wants to hire somebody with a lengthy criminal record and troubled past, so where is she gonna turn when MTV drops her for somebody new?

  • Amanda

    How are her friends/family not in debt after bailing her out so much… how about they keep the girl in there so she can maybe learn a f**king lesson?!