VIDEO Maci Bookout reveals she convinced Ryan Edwards to take her virginity

Teen Mom's Maci Bookout and baby daddy Ryan Edwards

Teen Mom Maci Bookout made a recent speaking appearance at Slippery Rock University and a few videos from that night have surfaced. The big news that initially came out from the lecture was that Maci verified she was no longer romantically linked to Kyle King but that the two remained friends.

Someone in attendance recorded a few brief videos from Maci’s talk much like what happened with her engagement at Kennesaw State University a while back. I thought I’d post ’em up here so you could check out some of the things Maci candidly shared including the following:

“And then I met Ryan [Edwards]… He was just so cute and you know I mean I just wanted to look at him all the time. He had a really pretty truck and you know, the things that are just so important in your partner when you’re 16. And actually I was the one who talked him in to having sex with me because apparently since I was a virgin he was scared of me. I thought there was something wrong with me but, you know, I finally talked him in to it.”

Yep. That’s pretty candid I’d say! Here are the brief clips from YouTuber jenksimpson:

Maci talks about Ryan:

SRU welcomes Maci:

Maci discusses problems upon Bentley’s arrival:

Maci talks about problems with school:

For a complete write up on the evening I encourage you to check out Slippery Rock’s own student run newspaper The Rocket.

  • Kaitey

    She talked him into it. That’s romantic. So glad teen girls have role models like these.

  • sara

    Well anyone knows a teen boy won’t turn sex down.

  • jenn d

    its not just 1 person in the wrong… it takes 2 people to have kids…. so not just 1 person is in the wrong….. they both should have asked each other about birth control/condoms…..

  • tab

    i’m sure she didn’t have to try very hard.

  • Mimi

    What’s wrong with asking someone taking your virginity? If your ready for the consequences that might happen. I told my bf over 5yrs to do the same. And now were happily married!

  • Snuggle

    I don’t think she was a virgin

    • ds

      She was at some point.

    • cookie monster

      shems have if she dsaid she was so shut it

  • Angelika

    That school couldn’t get anyone better to speak to their students?

  • its1999

    On 16 and Pregnant she said that Ryan was the one chasing her… hmm… I guess they’re right when they say no reality is real!