Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry is bisexual, why isn’t this addressed on Teen Mom 2?

Kailyn Lowry and friend Toni pose for the NOH8 campaign

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has been very open about her support of gay rights, but there’s something she hasn’t been very open about publicly – her bisexuality! That’s right, Kailyn has reportedly – as Bravo’s Andy Cohen would say – swam in the lady pond.

A source talked to Star magazine and tells them, “Kail was with a girl named Shelby … for about two years,” and then adds that the relationship began in middle school. The source goes on to reveal that Kailyn broke off the relationship just prior to dating Isaac’s father Jo, and that Jo knew about it. “He thought it was just a phase,” the source says.

Kail would soon start up another relationship with Gigi Hanna while still seeing Jo. “Kail cheated on Jo with Gigi, but he knew and didn’t care,” the source tells Star.

Star then talked with Gigi herself, who says “We became close again and promised to never leave each other; we moved in together,” before adding they were discreet with their displays of affection. “We know our boundaries.”

Kailyn Lowry NoH8 photo in support of gay and lesbian rights

We talked with our own insider and Starcasm has confirmed that Kail has had relationships with women, at least with Gigi Hanna.

What we don’t know is why this subject hasn’t been addressed on the show. The Teen Mom shows seem like a great platform to bring up the subject of same-sex relationships, don’t you think? And Kailyn is pretty bold when it comes to voicing her opinion and taking a stand – so it sure seems like she would be up for it! Kail’s been awesome with her discussion about birth control on the show, and this would definitely be a topic that a lot of young moms (and women) would relate to.

Her support of the NO8 campaign has been wonderful. NO8, all Love! Kail is a wonderful mom.

Photos: Kailyn Lowry and friend Toni pose for photos for the NoH8 campaign back in November. Credit: Adam Bouska

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  • Mom of 4

    Just more proof that these girls are not portrayed how they really are.

  • tab

    i can’t see kail with a girl. she’s too desperate for male attention and always has to have a boyfriend.

  • Joei in PA

    At least a girl can’t give you another baby.

  • nikki

    How is she desperate for male attention ? She was with jo… Met jordan at work not even trying to be with him and is with him. Its not like shes running around trying to date all these guys. She started with jo and now is serious with jordan. Dont see how that makes her desperate for male attention when you have other girls out in the world with a new boyfriend each week.

    • me

      actually, she hasnt been with jordan for a while now.

    • Liz

      She’s not with Jordan anymore. They broke up. She was with a guy named Mike Lush(i think his name was) for a little. Now she’s with someone else. I can’t even remember his name.

    • sheisnot

      And even when she was with Jordan, she didn’t try to rush things and live with him. She has a simple relationship with him. She doesn’t rush around and talk about marriage and I think that shows how responsible she is with her romantic decisions.

      • sheisnot

        Unlike Leah who is rushing into things yet again. She’s only been with Jeremy 6 months and already she’s doing the marriage and another baby thing….maybe more than one baby….DUMB.

        • Christa Noel

          @sheisnot: Leah was pregnant with only one baby the second time around, she had a sonogram done that proved there was only one in the womb. Also recent news and interviews with her and Jermemy, they just recently suffered a miscarriage. She’s not pregnant anymore.

    • tab

      she’s been with 5 different guys since isaac has been born, jo included.

  • Interesting

    Her damaged relationship & lack of support/affection from her mother probably has something to do with this.

    • seriously!!

      Really, you think that people can ‘turn’ lesbian or bi or gay just because they arent close with their parents?? I am bi and I am VERY close with my parents and everyone else in my family. What made me that way?

  • Ali

    GO KAIL!

  • Krystal

    BTW Adressed* is spelled ADDRESSED! Also NOH8 is spelled just like that, not NO8. Fail!

    • Starcasm Staff

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Diana

      Mistakes happen. This is a blog not english class. Don’t you think you could have found a more polite way to point out a mistake?
      SMH. Rude people are so irritating.

  • Jan

    You go, Kail! Love ya!

  • sanoga

    It probably wasn’t brought up on the show because it wasn’t part of her “story arc.” I’m actually glad they haven’t brought it up yet. I feel like a lot of TV shows and movies make female characters “bi-sexual” because it interests the male audience.

    (Don’t get mad at me, just think about it. In the past month alone I’ve seen girl-on-girl action on Desperate Housewives, Pan Am, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and old episodes of Mad Men and Heroes that I’m watching.) I’m not saying anything about real life bisexual women, I’m just saying that I think Hollywood uses it as a ratings ploy in TV shows because it’s seen as yet another thing to make women “sex objects” (for lack of better words).

    So I’m glad they aren’t putting it into the show. Unless she has a relationship with another female, it doesn’t really matter anyways. I don’t want to see her sexuality exploited any more than it already is.

  • Sarah

    Who cares what she does? It is none of anyone`s business,as long as she takes care of her son! She is a good mom!

    • vicky t (england)

      I agree with you. Who’s business is it. Leave her alone. At least she has her head screwed on straight. Go kail. We are proud of the great job you are doing. Keep up the good work. Your son will be so proud of you

  • Mslux

    That’s not bisexuality…. That’s called her being in middle school and wanting attention. And it has no place on the show.

  • kate

    Why does Kailyn feel the need to ALWAYS be with someone whether it be a boy or a girl?!?! Honestly, I don’t care if she’s gay, straight, bi-sexual or what ever but I don’t think its right for her to have guys or girls coming in and out of Isaac’s life all the time!! It must be really confusing for him :(

  • lynnie

    Well..Jordan talks like a girl…does that count?

  • Bryce

    It hasnt been addressed on the show because it has nothing to do with the show… If she was with a woman while ttaping then it would probably show it…

  • Kima

    She is just a nympho! She will give it to anyone who is willing, boy or girl. Gross!

  • tay

    i think shes a great mom. and i can actually see her with a girl.. she might have some personal issues that make her MORE comfortable with women.. theres a lot of reasons.

    shes a strong woman.. not sure why she gets so much shit and ppl like leah and maci are portrayed as golden moms.. leah got pregnant with someone she just started seeing, cheated on him, got back, divorced and is now preg again.. maci seems to be blind drunk every week.. etc etc…

  • http://www.facebook.com/faithhillfanatic Lisa

    Give me a damn break! Lesbians do NOT have sex with men….period!! Its that black and white. You are either gay or you are straight. There is NO inbetween. I was around 14 when I knew I was different then my friends. I knew I like girls. Fast forward to 19 years later and I am still only attracted to women. I am a lesbian. I have never been with a man nor do I have the desire to. Apparently, Kailyn is NOT seeking attention from either sex, but affection. She just wants to be loved unconditionally and honestly. I do NOT for one second think that she is or has been with a woman. She has been with too many men for me to believe that. She is straight and needs to stop making up stories to get more attention. Enough is enough. you have a son now. Let him be the one that loves you unconditionally.

    • lani

      I think she has a lot of issues to sort out and in her mind im sure she’s still a child.. i mean women in their 30s still dont have it all together.. im attracted to both men and women and i think it’s naive to think people cant be.. if you’re gay then great, but some people are confused and this girl seems to be.. i dont think that makes her a bad mom or person.. And ppl always seek affection no matter if they’re with child or not, i dont see why her having a kid wld stop that.. like i said, this girl has a lot of issues – her moms a b*tch, her dad is absent, joes family are a bunch of d*cks. ugh.. i feel bad for her.

    • yourewrong

      Stating that there are only lesbians, gays, and attention seekers is incredibly ignorant. Sexuality is not black and white, there are gray areas. Bisexuality does actually exist and is not a form of seeking attention, which is pointed to by the fact that Kailyn didn’t try to attract attention with her relationship with her girlfriend. She kept it under wraps, which may have been for the benefit of the other girl. We don’t know what the circumstance is, but I think Kailyn is a great mom who has her son’s best interests at heart while trying to still have a love life. Because no other single mom has ever done that, right?

  • Jail

    Unrelated, sort of, but Starcasm, why didn’t you put the photos of Jenelle walking around in cuffs and a striped uniform in court? They’re hilarious.

    • Starcasm Staff

      We linked to them, but couldn’t get the rights to post them ourselves.

  • Victoria

    Kailyn is not bisexual nor has she been with a girl this is Jo’s way of starting crap for her for when they go to court over child support. Kailyn is too busy with school & working trying to support herself and her son for any of this This rumor wasnt started by her period Jo is juts jealous of her because hes stuck under mommy roof and she on her own. If u want to believe a rumor u really need ur head checked. Think about ppl

    • icantrememberthenameiusedlasttime

      Her former girlfriend is the one saying it – not Jo… And its lucky for Kail he is living at home or the child support would drop a lot since he would have more expenses.

  • Dana

    who gives 2 f**ks is shes gay or straight doesnt mean she craves attention and what she does with her life and how she choses to be a mom is no one else’s business she is a grown a** women let her be and live her life. everyone is all full of judgement but people do sh*t to make them happy. everyone does it and i know half of you dont like to be judged so why judge others. SMDH yall is ridculous. i support kail 100% with whatever decision she makes because she is doing it for a good reason

  • kay kay

    Bi or not who cares. All that should matter is she is a good mom and she is. So people need to stop making a big deal about something that is not a big deal.

  • Majestic Passion

    Does anyone see the instability in her relationships and how badly it can affect Isaac in his life? That baby needs constant love attention and stability. Something the Rivera’s seem to be trying to give that boy. First Jo, then Jordan, then Mike, Now Javi! Damn, Isaac is only two. Who’s next? Now she’s bi-sexual and had relationships with women in between all this. Cant she stay in one relationship long enough to provide that boy a good example in relationships. It would be interesting to see what type of relationship she will have with Isaac when he becomes older. Looks to me like she may be trying hard not to be like her mom but is running down all the same trails her mom did. Truly sad…:(

  • Christa Noel

    I think the “Source” is Jo’s mother. Every word in my opinion just points to that. Anyway, who cares if she’s bisexual or lesbian or straight. So far we’ve seen her be nothing but a good mother, we’ve never seen her jeopardize her son in anyway or put him in harms way intentionally.In any case her sexual orientation shouldn’t be scrutinized.

  • Sarah

    I’m a lesbian and I have amazing gaydar… and I’ve always suspected her as being at least bi-curious. She’s the only teen mom I find even remotely attractive, which is another good hint for me.

    Anyway, I don’t care if she ever comes out (I actually agree with sanoga), but it’s great that she supports gay rights.

  • Christy

    I am straight but if I were Gay I would protest her appearing in any Gay Pride campagne. She obviously is ashamed of being bi. Of course, she will have excuses, she always does. But even in season 1, the question came up on line. Of course it never was on the show and Dr Drew would never bring it up. If it was one of the guys he would, but he always defends the moms, even the sl*t Leah.

    • Caitlin

      Why is it that you call Leah a sl-t, but you don’t call Kailyn the
      same? We know that she’s at least cheated on Jordan, according to this
      she cheated on Jo, and we know of at least 4 relationships, 6 if this is
      to be believed… We only know that Leah cheated on Corey, and we only
      know of 3 people that she’s been with, the first relationship lasting
      like 3 years.

      In my opinion, neither is a sl-t, but I’m just sayin’.

  • Christy

    If Cailyn came out and announced on the show she was gay or bi-sexual, it may help other kids. But for her to hide and show shame, is sad. I do not care if she is gay or not. Just be honest enough to be what you are. Even if she doesn’t announce it, she hides it. We never see her loving on a woman except in pictures. If she were asked, how would she respond? I bet she would say no she was not. If she is ashamed of herself why should anyone be proud to be with her.

  • Debra

    How are they going to talk about the ~5 relationships a 20 year old has had?! The first one was in middle school?? Who gives a damn what she was doing in middle school.