PHOTO 16 and Pregnant’s Jordan Ward Finder gives birth to second child

16 and Pregnant star Jordan Ward Finder's daughter Arri Monroe Finder

16 and Pregnant Season 3 star Jordan Ward Finder has given birth to her second child! Jordan’s daughter Arri Monroe Finder (pronounced Are-e) was born this morning (November 6, 2011) at 12:23 AM. She was 6 pounds 12 ounces and 18 inches long.

Arri joins one-year-old older brother Noah, who was born July 14, 2010. Jordan shared the news, as well as the moments just prior, via Twitter:

Jordan Ward Finder announces the birth of her daughter Arri Monroe Finder on Twitter

Congratulations to Jordan and husband Brian – as I’ve said many times before I thought they were one of the most mature couples to ever be featured on the show and I’m excited for their young family. Feel free to send Jordan your well wishes via Twitter (Please, this really isn’t the time for hateful comments or criticisms!)

16 and Pregnant Season 3 family Jordan Ward, Brian Finder and son Noah
^ Jordan Ward Finder, Brian Finder and son Noah

Need a Jordan Ward Finder refresher? Check out our profile post from just before her episode aired!

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  • Cori

    I still think they are too young to be starting a family BUT at least he has a good secure job that can support the 4 of them. Congrats to the happy family!

  • Jen

    I hope she got her tubes tided while she was there! By time she’s like 27 she will be like Kate Gosselin

  • Flores

    I guess being mature gives the th A-O-K to keep popping out kids obviously they arent mature enough to practice safe sex they think having kids is all sunshine and rainbows shes thinks its cute wait till they are a little older shes gonna look back and wish she waited im a mother of 3 all under 5 I love my kids dearly but sometimes I wanna pull my hair out I wasnt a teen mom im just an experienced one

  • rae

    Years ago it was acceptable to start families at a young age. I don’t see why it’s so wrong if they’re happy and in love. She still has opportunity to do anything she wants with her life while being a mother. And so what if ALL she want to be is a mother. More power to her.

    • mandy

      I agree!

  • mandy

    Congrats to them! Baby is so cute with so much hair! Awe 🙂

  • That baby is precious! I wish Jordan and her family all the best. She was one of my favorites on “16 & Pregnant”, and I agree that she wasone of the most stable/level-headed girls on the show.