RHOA Sheree Whitfield hired castmate Phaedra Parks to sue ex-husband Bob Whitfield for child support

Phaedra Parks is Sheree Whitfield's lawyer

This year Phaedra Parks got closer to Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate Sheree Whitfield when she helped Sheree legally fight her ex-husband Bob Whitfield for back child support. On the very first season of RHoA Sheree bragged about hopefully getting a “seven-figure settlement” from Bob, a former NFL offensive tackler. That never panned out, and neither did Sheree’s fashion line, so she had to downsize her house in Atlanta, and lowered her expectations.

The couple separated in 2005, and officially divorced in 2007. Now, Sheree’s going after back child support payments for their two children Kairo and Kaleigh after a failed attempt in 2009. After a trial, Sheree was given custody of their two children, and Bob was ordered to pay $2,142 a month in child support, give his ex-wife $775,000 in cash and turn over shares of four NFL retirement accounts. In 2009, he had already stopped paying the monthly support, and had only paid $425,000 of the lump sum settlement. After failed attempts to get payment from Bob, Sheree has been sued for a total of $180,000 by two separate law firms in the child support fight. Sheree’s fight with her own lawyers got so ugly they even seized her Ashton Martin car!

Phaedra has taken a few minutes away from her new funeral business to dust of her lawyering skills to get a few extra dollars from a broke dude. We’re still not sure how that all turned out, but there have been no reports of Phaedra seizing Sheree’s property, and she told Wendy Williams that Sheree has paid all of Phaedra’s bills.

Phaedra spoke with the Atlanta Journal Constitution about Sheree’s child support case: “Family law is emotionally exhausting. You’re dealing with people’s emotions. You’re talking about something very near and dear to them. Sheree and I have become close friends as well. Any time a friend comes for legal advice, I’ll do anything I can.”

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