Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards childhood photos

Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards childhood photo

In case you were wondering where Teen Mom Maci Bookout’s little man Bentley gets all his boyish charm from you needn’t look any further than his pop, Ryan Edwards. Check out these childhood photos of Ryan from his Facebook fan page his mom’s Twitter account that show a little man destined to break hearts!

Picture of Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards as a boy

And of course, what good would a Ryan Edwards childhood photos post be without a little Ryan and Bentley side-by-side comparison?

Side by side photos of Bentley and dad Ryan Edwards when he was a boy

And how about a side-by-side-by-side?!? (We always go above and beyond here at starcasm)

Childhood photo of Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards beside a photo of Bentley and Ryan today

Thanks to whoever it was that initially shared these photos! (Ryan? Ryan’s mom?) [UPDATE – It was in fact Ryan’s mom who shared the photos via her Twitter account – so thanks mom!) Now we just need some little “Gary Time” pics!

While you ponder what a little Gary Bear might look like, here are two more shots of little Ryan Edwards, including the baby photo used in the side-by-side-by-side above:

Picture of Teen Mom Maci Bookout's ex Ryan Edwards as a baby Photo of Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards as a young boy

Photos: Facebook

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  • Ashley

    He looks just like his father in the first photo.

  • lisa

    i still believe he looks nothing like ryan

    • Jacki


    • enzo

      i agree. he doesn’t look like ryan. the only similarity is the nose

    • Silas

      Bentley looks SO much like Kyle, and Kyle looks like Maci, they could be brother and sister. I can see a lot of Maci in Bentley and Maci’s mom looks a lot like Maci as well, the genes are definately on Maci’s side.

    • Tara

      Cute pics, but Bentley looks exactly like Maci.

  • Missy

    These were actually tweeted by Ryan’s mom (@mimijen6) Ryan has no public facebook that he runs.

  • http://www.torimili.com ToRiMiLi

    It was Ryan’s mom who posted them. I always thought Bentley looked like Maci, but after seeing these I see that he’s an adorable mix of them both.

  • squeak

    The only difference I see is his eyes and maybe his mouth , otherwise the eyes, ears, nose , and face shape all look just like his dad’s. Even the position of the ears especially in the second to last side by side photos.

    • TAMMIEL67

      His chin & shape of his face looks like Ryan, but he looks more liks Maci, especially his eyes.

  • c

    either way, Bent is adorable! and Ryan’s not too bad himself lol šŸ˜‰

  • MrsArmyWife

    Look at those ears! Haha. So cute. Bentley still looks so much more like Maci though.

  • coco

    All along I thought Bentley looked exactly like Maci and her mom but seeing these pictures of Ryan now makes me see Bentley. Although one of those photos that is supposed to be Bentley doesn’t look like Bentley at all.

  • em em

    Bentley is still most definitely Maci’s son haha. I’d like to see some pics of her as a youngin’ to compare!

  • thetinks

    Maci’s eyes and mouth but if you look at Bentley from the eyes down…it’s Ryan. better him than that Butterface Kyle… something about his giant baby head creeps me out. Also, does Kyle have teeth? the first few episodes he starred on it was like he had rotten corn buds.

  • blah

    what the hell thetinks? Kyle is perfecly fine the way he is..don’t fking discriminate him! And of course he’s gonna have Ryan and Maci’s features and none of kyles..it’s cause it’s NOT his kid but he’s still a great father figure to him no matter what. For goodness sake. Bloody judgemental people these days..

  • Bailey

    Maci seems to have the prominent genes!