Taylor Armstrong seen “making out” with Matt Nordgren at Cattle Baron’s Ball

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong and Matt Nordgren from Most Eligible Dallas

The world of reality TV gossip is once again focused on the city of Dallas as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong was spotted at The Cattle Baron’s Ball with Most Eligible Dallas star Matt Nordgren.

Dallas super blogger Oh So Cynthia broke the story as she began getting reports via Twitter that Matt and Taylor were at the event together. She shared this photo of the two looking quite romantic:

Taylor Armstrond and Matt Nordgren together at Cattle Baron's Ball in Dallas

Oh So Cynthia corrected me and let me know the above photo was from Mei-Chun Jau, Special Contributor for the Dallas Morning News. Click the link for the original story.

Dallas television personality Ron Corning (Daybreak, Midday) was at the Ball and tweeted this firsthand account that seems to suggest Nordgren and Armstrong are a bit more than just friends:

Ron Corning tweets that Taylor Armstrong and Matt Nordgren were making out at Cattle Baron's Ball

Matt Nordgren appeared to be really enjoying himself at the Ball, something he later confirmed on Twitter:

Matt Nordgren tweets about being on Cloud 9 at Cattle Barons Ball with Taylor Armstrong

The “Cloud 9” remark drew a response from Matt’s potential love interest on Most Eligible Dallas, Courtney Kerr, a comment Oh So Cynthia assures us is dripping with sarcasm:

Courtney Kerr sarcastically retweets Matt Nordgren's Cloud Nine comment from Cattle Baron's Ball

It should be noted that the Most Eligible Dallas season finale is Monday night and the main storyline is whether or not Matt Nordgren and Courtney Kerr wind up together. Oh So Cynthia tells us she has an inside source who says Bravo leaves it up in the air, but judging by the actions of Nordgren over the last couple months, I think we can assume the two won’t be walking down the aisle any time soon. That theory is supported by the fact that Courtney Kerr was also at the Cattle Baron’s Ball, and according to Ron Corning, she was “nearby and appalled” by Matt and Taylor:

Ron Corning tweets Courtney Kerr is nearby an appalled by Matt Nordgren and Taylor Armstrong

Oh So Cynthia received a call from Matt Nordgren about his evening out with Taylor and he continues to insist the two are just friends.

“Hey Cynthia. I am just calling to tell you that I am driving home from Cattle Barron’s. Alone!” Matt insists that he and Taylor are just friends and he is helping her through a rough time. Apparently, she “needs to talk about her problems and (Matt’s) a good listener”.

This marks the second time Taylor, who recently lost her estranged husband Russell Armstrong to suicide, has been spotted out on the town in the Big D with Nordgren, the last known occurrence being the weekend of September 23-24 during which Matt and Taylor were seen together at numerous events in Dallas. (CLICK HERE to read more about that weekend out, which includes reports of how the two first met.)

Matt Nordgren and Courtney Kerr will both be on Watch What Happens: Live! with Andy Cohen Monday night (just after the Most Eligible Dallas season finale) during which they are expected to address their relationship, but my guess is that Andy’s inbox will be blown up with Taylor Armstrong questions!

A couple people recognized Taylor Armstrong and asked to take pictures with her, which were of course found their way online. My favorite is from TakenAwayBlog.com‘s Brittney Aleman, who quoted Taylor’s infamous Oklahoma line from season one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her tweet:

Brittney Aleman with Taylor Armstrong at the Cattle Barons Ball

And here’s Taylor with Robin Means Skinner from Facebook:

Photo of Taylor Armstrong at The 2011 Cattle Baron's Ball

Yee haw y’all!!! Watch What Happens: Live! should be a blast!

UPDATE – Lawdy lawd! The fit has done hit the shan on this story! First off, Ron Corning has since told Oh So Cynthia that he didn’t personally see Matt Nordgren and Taylor Armstrong kissing, but he got it from “reliable sources.” Hmmmm… that sounds about as unreliable as it gets.

Secondly, Oh So Cynthia caught an earful from Matt Nordgren’s publicist, who provided her with a list of clarifications about the Cattle Baron’s Ball and Matt’s relationship with Taylor. Among the bullet points, which can be read in full HERE, Nordgren’s publicist says Taylor and Matt arrived at the event separately, Taylor was invited by the Ball months ago, and Matt denies having kissed Taylor. Also, they are giving an exclusive to OK! magazine tomorrow and are upset at the timing of the story – as if Oh So Cynthia or anyone else could have done anything about when Matt and Taylor were seen together at the Cattle Baron’s Ball!

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    oh sh*t!

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    Fame whores, both of them. Run, Courtney, run!

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    Matt, there’s one and only ONE way to fix this with Courtney. Get down on one knee and give her a ring!!! You know you love her so quit monkeying around and get serious!!!

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    Courtney definitely loves Matt. He should stop stringing her along so she can meet someone with whom she can have a serious relationship, including marriage and children.

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    Ewww…. Matt!!!!! Come on, really?! You can do better than TAYLOR ARMSTRONG! ewww!! To both of you! After watching you on this season of Most Eligible Dallas, you don’t just take girls out as friends, you had an alternative motive! You dirty boy! Come on tho, take off your blinders and get real with yourself and agree with another comment, don’t string Courtney along. She would do anything for you but you might screw that up with your bad reputation, keep it in the pants my man!! 🙂

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    Wake up dude! If you don’t love Courtney then let her go! You are stringing her along. It’s one thing to play the field a while when your a young buck. You have been there and done that! If you really do love her and want to keep her in your life, you do need to get the ring & pop the ?. She is a special kind of southern woman. They are far and few between. You two really seem to have the chemistry, your best friends. Those are the kinds of things that keep a marriage alive forever! Think Hard Matt B 4 she is gone!

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    Matt your gonna miss out on the best thing in your Life. And when Courtney moves on your still going to be Single and in a Rest home. Sad… And Taylor Armstrong… Eweee… really so not a cute couple… Come on now.