Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards in nude photo texting scandal with Shanley Urbanski

Ryan Edwards allegedly sent a nude photo to Shanley Urbanski among other illicit things

Teen Mom Maci Bookout’s ex, and 2-year-old Bentley’s dad, Ryan Edwards may have a number of undesirable qualities, but being physically unattractive is certainly not one of them. And now it seems the handsome heartbreaker is taking advantage of his recent rise to stardom and good looks to pitch a massive amount of woo, including allegedly sending nude photos of himself to a girl he met on Facebook, and asking her to do naughty things on Skype!

The scandalous story is from the new issue of OK! magazine and based on the word of 20-year-old Shanley Urbanski of Raleigh, North Carolina, who reportedly met Ryan via Facebook a little over a year ago.

Shanley Urbanski photos - girl who says she received a nude photo from Ryan Edwards
^ Shanley Urbanski who says Ryan Edwards sent her ilicit photos

Shanley tells OK!, “Ryan sent me texts and nude photos of himself,” which she then showed to the tabloid. Here is how the magazine described the pictures:

In the first one, the Teen Mom star stands shirtless in denim shorts, showing his eagle tattoo on the left side of his chest while photographing himself in a mirror. In the next, Ryan is still shirtless, but his yellow-and-black-plaid boxer shorts are revealed. The third photo is a nude close-up.

Shanley Urbanski who allegedly received illicit photos and texts from Teen Mom's Ryan EdwardsI’m the last person in the world to take Ryan Edwards’ side in anything, but that sounds a little suspicious to me – two photos of Ryan in shorts and boxers and then a “close-up” nude pic? That sure sounds like either Shanley or Ryan just went on the internet and got a close-up naughty bits photo doesn’t it? Oh, and you have to love her reaction to receiving the photos:

“If it was another guy, I would have thought it’s gross,” Shanley tells OK!. “But since it was him, I was happy. I told my friend, ‘It’s Ryan from Teen Mom!’”

And Ryan’s aggressive flirting didn’t stop with the texts and photos! According to Shanley, during a Skype conversation Ryan asked her to touch herself in a sexual way and said, “He has asked me to do things I’m not comfortable with.”

Ryan also allegedly told Shanley that he has been quite busy since Teen Mom first aired, claiming to have slept with “hundreds” of girls in that time. “He seems like he gets with different girls each week,” Shanley says.

Meanwhile, Ryan appears to have himself a steady (and very attractive) girlfriend named Dalis Connell. Here’s a photo of the two during one of Ryan’s many trips to Panama City Beach, Florida:

Teen Mom Maci Bookout's ex Ryan Edwards and his new girlfriend Dalis Connell
^ Ryan Edwards and his new girlfriend Dalis Connell

It appears that Ryan isn’t the first famous hottie Shanley Urbanski has attempted to befriend. She has a Twitter account with numerous flirtatious tweets at celebrities including:

@KennySantucci come back to nc so we can playyy

[Trey songz fan page] @SongzYuuup Let’s get married

@danecook i love you. lets get married?

It sounds to me like Ryan was just having a little fun with an overly exuberant fan and then a random willy photo got tossed in and a tabloid story ensued. If the story is for real then I’m sure it won’t be long before the “nude close-up” image surfaces online. Until then I’m going to remain a bit skeptical. Can I have a crotch grab?!?

So what does Maci have to say about all this alleged real and virtual philandering? We have no idea of course. But, we do know what her friend told OK!

“She thinks this just proves that he’s void of any intelligence or emotion. It’s embarrassing and he’s not setting a good example for his son. Maci is humiliated.” The pal goes on to suggest these reports have only distanced her further from Bentley’s dad. “Maci wants to be seen as strong, independent and classy,” says the pal. “Ryan always talks about getting with girls, but he’s all talk because he’s got nothing else going on in his life. She doesn’t want Ryan to drag her and her son down, too.”

So what do you think? Would Ryan really send a scrotograph to a girl he met on Facebook? Is this going to be just the first of hundreds of girls coming forward with nude pictures Ryan sent them as well? Or is this just some girl trying to cash in on her interactions with a pseudo-celebrity?

***My apologies to Ryan for that top photo – but when I saw the original I knew I had to use it 🙂 Oh, and no he’s not nude under there, he’s wearing a pair of red swimming trunks.

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  • Vanessa

    I don”t believe this story for a second this just some random girl trying to get some attention and money And maci friends need to shut there mouths and stop bashing ryan there the ones who are the loser party girls who think there famous because there friend on a reality show when teen mom finally ends this girls won’t be famous anymore they will be wash up reality stars just like the kids from MTV laguna beach and newport harbor No one will remember this girls in five years

  • sara

    I hope he didn’t cuz that b*tch is ugly as hell!!!

  • Jessica

    I have little respect for Maci friends they bash Ryan right in front of bentley and maci does not say anything to them. I doubt this story is true it seem to me that this is another girl trying to cause some trouble for Ryan just like that jordan did to Corey. Everyone want their 15 mins of fame and want do about anything to get it .

  • Yankees101

    It’s already been proven false. His girlfriend is 10000x smarter and prettier than this girl will ever be. And she actually has her head on straight. From what i’ve heard she is the best thing that’s happened to Ryan in a while and they are happy. Just another rumor started by a tabloid magazine with nothing better to do with their time.

    • me

      This dude is a complete douche bag!! Whay any girl in their right mind would bang him is a mystery.

  • Yankees101

    Oh and btw he doesn’t have an eagle tattoo on the left side of his chest. Those wings you are seeing is from his giant Bentley tattoo he got on 16 & Pregnant going down his side. Again nice try. If you wanna report false stuff, atleast get the easy details correct.

  • Diana

    Scrotograph. You owe me a new laptop. Totally spewed water all over it.


  • Lamme

    I think it’s funny how you all know nothing. You don’t know RYAN you WISH you did, but you don’t. And I actually know this story is true first hand. Ryans not the “good” guy these pathetic girls make it out to seem. And are you really saying that she made up this entire thing for no reason and a huge magazine company just decided to beleive her? In case your dumb, you need envidence to put something in a magazine. Get off her case.

    • A.P.

      Um she obviously got paid for this little stunt, so no she didn’t make it up for no reason, she made it up for cash. Ryan hates being on Teen Mom and being famous and all of that. Thats why he doesnt have fan pages or any of that nonsense, so whatever guy this chick claims she was talking to isn’t actually Ryan. Its someone who knows how to use photoshop. And tabloids print fake stories all the time without proof.. How many times have we seen on the cover that Jennifer Aniston is expecting a baby? At least 20.. And she has yet to actually have a child so lets not act like tabloids don’t print stories that are false.

      • jellybelly

        EXACTLY. It’s been said MANY times that Ryan HATES being on tv. He is a very private guy. He is extremely camera shy as well. He hates the fame and never wanted to even do 16&P but Maci wanted to and it’s been crazy ever since and he’s hated every minute of it. Maci’s friends have said that Ryan, his family and his friends don’t talk to tabloids either because he doesn’t want the attention on him, so any quoted sources by him or anyone close to him are made up. Also Maci, Tyler, and Gary have all confirmed he is never going to make a Twitter so interact with fans because he wants no part in being famous. He is also the one person who hasn’t changed. No expsnive apartment, no new car, no new wardbrobe, etc he is the same guy that MTV had on their first seasno. Everyone else has used MTVs paycheck and being someone else overnight. This chick was talking to a fake Ryan because he has no Twitter, Formspring or Facebook fan page/account to talk to fans on. It’s been said many times that his Facebook is set up like Maci’s. It can not be found in a search, and if you do happen to come across it (pretty much impossible), you can’t see ANYTHING. And you can’t add or message him either. This story is such bs it’s laugable.

    • Liv

      $1000 says THIS is Shanley. lol The stupid slvt that made up this bullsh!t. Shut the hell up. You’re too stupid for life. I hope Ryan finds a way to sue the hell out of your a$$.

  • ??

    wait you saw the orginal and didnt post it, but yet youre saying you yourself dont believe this story..im so confused.

    • Rachel

      They were saying that OK! magazine saw the originals, not the author of this column.

  • Strid

    Whatever, more tabloid nonsense. He’s not doing anything wrong or illegal. It’s not like he’s a married senator or some anti-gay activist caught with a rentboy. The girl who sold him out is way more in the wrong. That said, I wanna see these pictures!

  • Why??!?!?! I don’t get it!!! Do the youth of America NOT understand that taking nude photos or half nude photos of ones self is self degrading and embarrassing and most of all tacky,and then to put it on the internet for all the world to see … They will endure consequences due to poor choices ,potential employers will see this ,colleges will see this
    And so on!!! I guess my point is …. Is it worth it?????

  • kc

    I think this girl is lying. She was probably talking/texting a fake Ryan on one of the many fake Facebook pages of people posing as him. Not to be mean but c’mon his girlfriend is way better looking then this girl. And as for Maci’s “friend”, they all come off as snotty and stuck up on “Teen Mom” so they should just stfu.

  • rainbowmix

    clearly an obsessed and jealous fan girl. End of.

  • aly

    This story sounds completly fake and is just some random girl trying to get attention…and completly aggree with the above comments since there are tons of fakes on facebook and twitter pretending to be him…even maci said he has no social networking…

  • jellybelly

    This story is 100% fake because Ryan’s Facebook profile is set up like Maci’s. It’s 100% private. (Can’t find in a search, can’t see ANYTHING, can’t add or message). She was clearly conversing with a fake Ryan because she couldn’t have added or talked to the real Ryan.

    • cait

      i’m not saying this story is true or false, but he could have added her, she didn’t necessarily have to find/add him

      • jellybelly

        I’ve heard they only have about 100 friends each. They only have close friends and family on their Facebooks. So i doubt he added some random chick when they don’t even add some people that they do know because they don’t want their personal pictures and status’ getting leaked by people they barely or don’t know about all.

  • nic

    i think his girlfriend is very pretty and i agree that maci and her friends are always bad mouthing ryan she is just a fake b!tch that has let fame go to her head she took her don away from his whole family

  • jellybelly

    Okay so this girl commented on a fake Ryan Edwards fan page on facebook before. She is obviously lying or she would know that it’s not even Ryan running that fan page but a fake. And she said she was going to post their ‘conversations’ but of course nothing was posted. Surprise surprise.

  • us

    Pretty funny seeing as how there are videos of Maci getting all skanky at parties and of her flashing for a girls gone wild style video while she was on vacation.

  • Shanley

    How was I talking to a fake ryan when I was viideo skyping with him. I didnt post the.convo bc he txted me and said “please dont just leave it alone”. You all think you know he wouldnt do this, but none of you have actually talked to hom or know him at all. People are gonna think what they want, but the.magazine doesnt post random lies. I had to show proof to them.

    • A.P.

      Magazines post lies all the time. Again, how many times has Jennifer Aniston been pregnant according to them? How about any of the girls from Teen Mom? I know for a fact they posted fake pregnancy stories about Farrah, Chelsea and Leah.. Seeing as none of them have had a 2nd pregnancy or child and these were all written 6 months to a year ago. And according to them, Jennifer Aniston would have had about 16 kids by now.. Where are the supposed facts they needed for these stories?
      And photoshop is extremely easy to use if you know what you’re doing and can pretty much make any picture look like its real.
      Let’s pretend for a moment that you actually did talk to Ryan.. Why would you then turn around and sell it to the tabloids if he told you not to? Thats not a very honest thing to do..

      • Liv

        I talked to Shanley and she told me that she just talked to Ryan and his girlfriend two days ago. Soooo, you sell a tabloid story about him and all of a sudden you’re all bffs? Sure, that’s totally believable. So, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and say maybe she had like ONE conversation with him. He probably turned her down and she got all p!ssed off. She’s clearly psychotic. I hope he has a restraining order on this b!tch.

  • Rich

    Flat-rimmed hat, over-sized sunglasses, sweatband, and he’s grabbing his crotch… The guy is such a “bro.” I actually feel for Maci and her son, and that’s saying something.

  • JT2011

    Honestly, this is all a bunch of bs. This article posted 3 other celebs she’s tried to have flirtations with, and I said TRIED! She is an attention wanting lunatic who definitely needs some help. Why would Ryan send nude pics to someone who looks like her when he has a girlfriend who is smoking hot! I’m not afraid to say when a girl is hot, and no, I’m not lesbian or bi-sexual, and she is a very pretty girl. One, if I were lesbian, would never in a million years cheat on with, especially with someone like this girl. I sincerely hope she gets herself some professional help instead of trying to ruin other people lives by making up these stories.

  • Shanley

    God JT your soo smart. Hahaha. Do all yall weirdos just go.on jere to say im lying. Yeah sorry my truth hurts and you wannabe ryan fans are dellusional.

  • Meh

    Why are you calling these people (from Teen Mom) celebrities?
    They have done NOTHING to earn that title. But get pregnant at a early age, and glamorize teen pregnancy and the like. booo!!

  • Smiley

    I really don’t care whether the story is true or not. . . Ryan is still fine as hell! While I’ll be the first to admit that he is a spoiled, childish douchebag, I still enjoy looking at him.

  • Ali123

    This story is 100% bullshit. I know Dalis (his current girlfriend) and have known her since before she was even dating Ryan. they spend basically every SECOND together when one or the other is not busy, and they care about each other deeply. He does not send HER nude photos, and it has never been said by ANY of his other exes that he has, even Katheryn, who he has called a “psycho” and a “stalker”, and who does NOT have any kind of contract with MTV that would prevent her talking about it if it HAD happened. My point with that is, if he didn’t send them to his past girlfriends, one of whom he badmouthed so I’m sure that she would have come forward if she had any dirt, why would he send them to some random retard? Use yo’ braiiiiiins. 🙂

  • Dalis

    This story is complete crap. Ryan does NOT have skype, he doesn’t even know how to use it. Also Ryan’s facebook is private, he will NOT add you if he doesn’t know you!! He is not the type to send nude pictures to people, especially not to people he doesn’t even know. Ha. This girl has even admitted to be “hurting for money” so what does that tell you??

    • Liv

      Thanks for clearing that up, Dalis :]

  • bella

    So why r there all these people posting on here pretending to be Shanley and Dalis??? LOL. I call b.s. If ur actually who u say then post a pic of urself and todays paper or something. Wasting ur time reading about these people is fun….wasting ur time pretending to be them is sad.

  • Shanley

    Who’s faking me? I am the real me lol.

  • Samantha

    I personally know Shanley. She’s my fiancee’s best friend’s girlfriend. She’s been dating him for years now. I believe she just said this to get money. No one knows if it’s true or not. But chances are this story isn’t true. If it is true what kind of person is she for doing that bullcrap to my fiancee’s best friend? I hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame Shanley!

  • Shanley

    Hey go f*** urself samantha. You dont know me I have met you once. Sorry ur mad I kept denying your a$$ on facebook. Get a life. And clint is not randalls bff. Haha what world do you live in. and if u did know me I wouldve shown u the pics of ryan like I did to those I actually know and like.

  • Shanley

    And clint.knew.i.was talki.g to ryan in fact he thought it was funny. B!tch know your.place and facts before you go and make urself.look dumbbbb

  • Kane

    Whether its true or not, the guy in question is an out and out loser. He hates the fame that much that he is forever in the press? Bulllllshitttt.
    What I, and a fair few of the Royal Marine Commandos I serve with here in Afghanistan think, is that, he needs to grow up. The loser cheated on the girl he got pregnant at 16? wow, what a big hard man, what a total exemplary father figure!!
    . No offence but he’d cry like a baby if he had to face the kind of fighting us British Marine Commandos are taking on here in Helmand Province, Afghanistan…for those that dont know its us Brits that are taking on the most lethal province while the rest of the allied factions take the easy ride in kandahar etc but then again, I guess you have to let the best there is take the hard road to victory, hence why we are where we are, being the toughest military unit there is in the western world.

    Back to this Ryan kid. I like how all these silly little girls here are bigging him up like he is some kind of great catch?? I have 17 year old kids in my Platoon who are more mature and have more balls and spine than he does..and a few of them have kids back home in England, difference being they are MAN ENOUGH to look after them. The guy (Ryan) we all saw on the TV was a lazy little whining b!tch who wouldnt get of of his cowardly backside to do right by his son. And for that, he should hang his head low like the pathetic little boy he is.

    I am pretty damn sure his ex, who he has a son with, is counting her blessings that she ditched this waste of space baggage as she can do a tonne better. And for the silly strupid little girls on here who think he is some great guy who is soooo misunderstood…errr….you must have been watching a different guy…wow..what a catch he is..cheated on his pregnant girlfriend..cheated on her after she gave birth to her son..and then was too lazy to do what is required of a father and dad..grow up…grow up..seriously (both Ryan and the little stupid fan girls on here…How old are you all….ten???)

    • haayo

      What show are YOU watching? Ryan never once cheated on Maci, let alone multiple times like you just wrote. And he does hate the fame, you can’t control what the press writes about you. Nobody can.

      • Katie

        Oh, come on! Him staying out all night, dancing with girls in clubs whil she was at home taking care of Bentley isn’t at all suspicious behavior? Or, how he wouldn’t answer his phone all night while he was out partying and drinking. That’s not at all signs of cheating……right…you honestly don’t think he cheated on her, when it showed all that, and then some, on 16 & Pregnant. Yeah okay. And another thing, I love how everyone likes to bash Maci for partying every now and again. Come on, if she didn’t have a son y’all wouldn’t say anything about it would you? The fact that she has a son shouldn’t mean that she can’t have fun sometimes, especially when she ain’t missing out on time with him to do so, seeing how he’s usually always with his dad when she does. She takes like one vaca a year without Bentley, and that’s spring break. Get over it. I’m not saying Ryan is the worst guy or anything, but he is NOT an angel like you guys try to make him out to be! And I’m sure she isn’t perfect either, we are only human!!

      • Katie

        Oh yeah, and another thing. He HATES fame so much, but yet, get on twitter on look him up. Just read his bio. HA.

  • Reagan


  • RealTalk

    Met this guy the other day riding motorcycles. Obviously an egotistical loser. Never heard of him or the show he was on and could come to this conclusion in 5 minutes. Pure self-centered douchebag.