Did Kyle King really leave Maci Bookout over her diary?

It looks like OK Magazine may have gotten a little too liberal with the truth again lately (Shocking, I know.)

It ran with a story this last week claiming that Kyle King, Maci’s “perfect lover,” read in Maci’s diary that she still has the hots for her baby’s father Ryan Edwards. According to the story, Maci tried to explain to Kyle that those were just feelings, and she was devotedly committed to him in real life, but he still supposedly stormed out of their Nashville home.

Dramatic! But is any of it true? It’s hard to tell, but nothing has been confirmed, and Maci seemed to have responded by retweeting a her mother’s comment:

If ok magazine peed on your leg and told you it was raining, would u believe them?

Good point. We’re putting this story very low on the Truth-O-Meter.

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  • Lolle

    It’s NOT a fan’s comment it’s her mother’s!!!!!

  • Megan

    It was actually her mom that tweeted that originally, and Maci retweeted it.

  • A.P.

    Seeing as 2 days ago Kyle said he was watching cookie monster with Bentley & Maci on twitter, so I’m betting its not true although I think it would have been awesome if it was

  • tab

    ok magazine is the new national enquirer.
    what a pathetic story. i can’t believe anyone would believe it.

  • nunya

    Haha AP… would have been awesome if it was true.

    I personally still think that Macy and Ryan still have feelings for each other. And I do hope they can get back together. I thought it was very telling when Kyle told Macy that Ryan had feelings for her and she gave a big smile. That’s the reaction of someone who WANTS to hear that because they have feelings back for the person.

  • sodumb

    If there was no truth to these articles, these girls can do like celebrities before them have successfully done–they can sue for slander. It worked for Carol Burnette, the Cruises, and a few others.

    The fact that they don’t and just laugh it off tells me there might be some truth to them even if just a tiny bit. Also who do you guys think feeds them these stories? These girls, especially Maci, want to be famous so bad that they will say and do anything to keep their face in the public eye. Her mother was trying to find pregnant modeling jobs for her when they came across the casting call for MTV in the first place. Maci is a famewhore who probably does want Ryan back. He looks a heckuva lot better than a real life Bobby Hill!

  • K

    yes ryan is a lot better looking, but that isnt what matters. Kyle treats her so much better and is amazing with Bentley. Ryan and Maci have a child together, they will always have some feelings for each other, however not strong enough feelings to act upon. I think they have learned from that mistake and figured out they are better just being civil for Bentley..

  • Iloverabbits

    Did she alreAdy have her breast implants in this photo? Her cleavage looks really fake or like two tiny boobs really smashed into cleavage.