Youngest person ever diagnosed with breast cancer now in remission


Last October, 8-year-old Chrissy Turner came to her mom and showed her a rigid lump under her nipple that was painful to touch.

Her mom, Annette Turner, took her to her pediatrician who was dismissive of the abnormality and suggested antibiotics. Annette’s intuition, combined with both her and her husband’s own battles with cancer, would not let her rest until the lump was investigated via ultrasound.

Annette’s worst fears were realized as her daughter was diagnosed with secretory breast carcinoma, which afflicts only 1 person in a million.

Chrissy’s dad, Troy Turner, who is a survivor of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, said, “It was devastating, how do you tell your kid that she has cancer?”

In December, Chrissy underwent a mastectomy, having her right breast removed. Now her family has revealed some wonderful news, Chrissy’s cancer is in remission! Annette, a survivor of cervical cancer, said, “We’re hopeful that the worst is behind us. She’s feeling better now and there are more smiles. Life is good.”

The family, who had to file for bankruptcy to pay for Troy’s medical bills, have a GoFundMe page that has brought in over $90,000 in donations. “Everyone’s support helped us get through this. People have been phenomenal. We’ve been helping Chrissy through this, one hug at a time,” Annette told People.