You can spend an afternoon with ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik for just $2,500

An Afternoon with Ben Flajnik

Good news, ladies and gents who fell in love with Ben Flajnik during his appearance on The Bachelorette and subsequent turn as The Bachelor: You now have the chance to win him over. All that is required from you is $2,500, a way to Northern California and a questionable level of dignity!*

According to The Gilt‘s advertisement for “An Afternoon With Ben Flajnik,” the former Bachelor will treat you to “a meal at one of his favorite restaurants and a look at the city he loves.” If you’re really lucky, Ben may even invite you to help walk his dog on the beach! (It’s unclear whether you’ll get the honor of picking up the dog’s poo.)

An Afternoon with Ben Flajnik - The Gilt

If you find yourself on this intimate date, your first impulse may be to chat about Ben’s unrequited love for Ashley Hebert or his failed engagement with Courtney Robertson. However, the sommelier may be more inclined to talk about his “new possible reality television show about the wine business.”

For those thinking “Say no more and sign me up!,” the package is currently sold out. Thankfully, you can add your name to the waiting list. (Writer’s note: Uh-oh… I accidentally just added myself to the list. It’s apparently as simple as providing your email and clicking a button.)

Previously, the hopeless romantic tried to find love on dating app Tinder. Any ladies who took him up on that should now pat themselves on the back for getting such a bargain!

Ben’s date offer: Savvy or sleazy?

*Although we won’t judge if you go through with this and find true love… Or report back to us.

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