Will Camille Grammer only be a part time Real Housewife?

Camille Grammer at the 2010 TV Guide Hot List party

Folks must love them some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills like we do because the rampant speculations about who or who will not be a part of the cast for season 2 have been non stop!  In a recent post we reported on a confirmation by Hollywood Life that all the cast members from season 1 would be coming back.  As has been the case with all these speculations, not so fast folks!

Recently divorced former Playboy playmate Camille Grammer addressed these reports with an extremely ambiguous update on what her status will be.  She Tweeted the following:

What does that mean Miss Camille!?!  All I know is I don’t like the sound of it because the show wouldn’t be the same without you.  She’s responded to one tweet following this announcement in which she clarified her position, sort of.

Well there you have it.  No wait, she’s tweeted again further muddying the waters.  She has stated that, “No official deal has been made.”  Bravnoooooooooooo!  You can follow the real Camille via Twitter here. This is just too emotional for me, Andy Cohen saves us from all this uncertainty sir!