Why did Kordell Stewart divorce Porsha Williams?

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Porsha Williams was blindsided when her husband Kordell Stewart filed for divorce, (the girl found out about it on Twitter for Pete’s sake!) but she was hoping for some concrete answer at their painful deposition.

It turns out her quest for answers was all for naught. Although it was hurtful to hear Kordell talk about, Porsha was glad that he was honest about things like locking her out of the house, but she was still bewildered about why he chose to end their relationship so abruptly. “He had no factual, reason, no exact reason to divorce me,” Porsha says while breaking down in tears.

She describes the deposition as like an “out of body experience. For me to be on one side of the table and have my husband on the other side, and we’re tryin’ to work out how to separate, is just heartbreaking.”

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