PHOTOS Who is The Governor’s Wife Trina Edwards’ first husband?

The Governor's Wife Trina Edwards and Edwin Edwards

A&E raised a few eyebrows (and raised more than a million viewers) with the premiere of its new reality series The Governor’s Wife last week as folks outside of Louisiana were introduced to the charismatic 86-year-old former four-term governor (and ex-convict) Edwin Edwards and his stunning 35-year-old blonde wife, Trina Scott Edwards, who met Edwin while he was serving a ten-year sentence in prison for racketeering and more. In addition to dealing with the rather large age gap, Trina and Edwin also had to deal with the stress of their rather unusual blended family.

When Trina Grimes Scott married Edwin Edwards in a small ceremony in New Orleans on July 29, 2011 she had two young sons from a previous marriage: Logan (16 at the time of filming) and Trevor (14 at the time of filming). Trina and Edwin seem to be quite open about all aspects of their personal lives as they go through the emotional process of attempting to have a child together using Edwin’s frozen sperm, much to the chagrin of Edwin’s 61-year-old daughter (and soon-to-be Reality Show Hall of Fame inductee) Victoria.

But, one bit of personal information has thus far gone completely unmentioned: Who was Trina Scott Edwards’ first husband and father of Trevor and Logan?

The Governor's Wife Trina Edwards' sons Logan and Trevor

I assumed when I started out to answer this question it would be a relatively easy accomplishment given the amount of publicity Trina and Edwin’s relationship received (even prior to the show being announced) combined with the nearly impossible task of preventing information from making its way to the internet. But, finding out who Trina Edwards used to be married to turned out to be nearly impossible! Nearly.

According to online records, Trina G. Scott was named in a lawsuit involving a local Louisiana bank over the towing and storage costs for some repossessed farming equipment. Named along with Trina was one Joshua Glenn Scott.

Amazingly, this Joshua Scott appears to not have any sort of online presence whatsoever (including social media), although his brother and sisters do. (They are often referenced as aunts and uncle to and by Trevor and Logan.)

And speaking of Trevor and Logan, here is a photo of the both of them with who I assume is their father Joshua Scott posted online by Trevor back in June and captioned, “Happy Fathers Day.”

The Governor's Wife Trina Edwards ex-husband Joshua Scott probably with sons Logan and Trevor

And here’s another photo shared at the time by Trevor of himself and who I assume to be his dad from years ago. Trevor captioned it, “i love you dad. im glad i get to spend fathers day with you, bc some poeple dont get to, your the best dad in the world. Happy Fathers Day!”

The Governor's Wife Trina Edwards' first husband Joshua Scott probably and his son Trevor

Given that the boys are still able to see their father as well as the fact that both images were “liked” by Trina Edwards, I am assuming that Trina and Joshua get along OK.

Perhaps we will learn more about Trina Edwards’ ex-husband Joshua as the season goes on? Tune in and see! The Governor’s Wife airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on A&E!

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