VIDEO Mariah Carey has serious voice issues at first show of world tour

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Mariah Carey (M-Car), one of the best-known divas and performers of her generation, may be finally starting to slow down some.

She kicked off her Elusive Chanteuse World Tour in Tokyo over the weekend, and received some of the most mixed reviews of her career, largely because of her difficulty hitting those famous M-Car high notes.

Adroit videographers caught and uploaded footage of Mariah struggling with some of her best-known hits–and, during one point in the show, being defeated by even the butterfly microphone.

And once the butterfly microphone is against you, what chance do you have?



To be fair to M-Car, it’s not clear if this was just opening night jitters (plus rusty pipes–the show was only her fifth of the year) or the start of something more serious.

The full-length, 23-song concert featured songs from her entire career, and it seems silly to think that Mariah C. would plan a set list featuring hits she can no longer reproduce.

The 20-date Elusive Chanteuse World Tour winds its way around the Pacific Rim for the next six weeks. Currently, there are no North American dates on M-Car’s calendare extraordinaire.

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