PHOTOS Who is Amy Schumer’s boyfriend, Ben Hanisch?

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Amy Schumer’s boyfriend has been the subject of much speculation since Schumer and Ben Hanisch went public to ring in the New Year. And the mere topic of Amy Schumer’s boyfriend garnered a bevy of interest throughout 2015, as Schumer rode Trainwreck and Live From the Apollo to the top of Hollywood’s heap.

So–now that we’ve got a name and a face, who is Ben Hanisch? For one thing, we know he’s comfortable in high profile situations. One of Amy Schumer’s boyfriend’s first appearances in her social media feed came when Schumer brought Hanisch with her to the White House two weeks ago, as part of Schumer’s involvement in the #StopGunViolence initiative:

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And it wouldn’t be a Golden Globes ceremony without a pre-show photo complete with your boyfriend and two other couples, in what social media onlookers have quickly taken to calling the “prom shot”:

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But who is Amy Schumer’s boyfriend?

Ben Hanisch is a furniture designer current based in Chicago IL, where Schumer raised eyebrows by playing a last-minute show this past Christmas Eve. Hanisch’s Instagram feed is full of photographs of that lovely city, as well as a host of shots of his work with Chicago’s own Last Workshop. According to a brief writeup in the Chicago Tribune, Hanisch had been a “freelance project manager and design consultant,” and lived in Utah for a time, before relocating to Chicago in 2013.

Despite Hanisch’s comparatively low profile, it was Schumer who broke the boyfriend silence–though, apart from a hand on her leg, she didn’t call too much attention to it–with this social media update from late December:

Oh oh yoooo-hoooo!!! Room of some of my favorite people Syd, Ben and John.

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And Hanisch himself made public the fact that he was Amy Schumer’s boyfriend with an update a week ago:

Schumer was elated to talk about her new relationship on the red carpet at last night’s Golden Globes. She and Hanisch are definitely “in love and it’s really exciting,” she told People. Schumer further explained that her sister was her official date–it’s believed that the RSVPs had to be sent in well before she and Hanisch went public–but that Ben was the one who had her real attention.

Schumer also went public a few days ago to deny the rumor that she actually met Hanisch on increasingly popular dating app Bumble. “Please let the record show,” she said in a tweet, “that I have never on my life been on Bumble.” The self-professed “feminist” dating app requires that women initiate contact with men, and not the other way around.


(Photo credits: Amy Schumer’s boyfriend via Instagram)

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