Watch the brand new Rihanna HARD video in full with image gallery

Rihanna Hard video graphic from R Rated

Check out Rihanna’s brand new video for the song “Hard” off of her new CD Rated R, which just came out November 23. MTV released a 30-second sneak-peek of the video earlier this week but the full blown version came out today and here it is!

Rihanna – New Music – More Music Videos

OK, that was fun! I love me some Inglourious Rihanna! Or should I say, “Militarihanna?” I think my favorite outfit was the Mickey Mouse ears, but that’s only because Rihanna isn’t technically wearing that pink tank. Here are still images from throughout the video with most all of Rihanna’s fascist fashions:

Rihanna goes all Inglourious Basterds in her Hard video
Rihanna has fun as a hip hop Mussolini in her new video for Hard
Rihanna goes Mussolini Mickey Mouse in her latest video for Hard

Sorry if the images are a little grainy, but I didn’t have a hi-res video source to work from.

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