VIDEOS Courtney Stodden appears on religious ‘Father Albert’ show

Courtney Stodden on the Father Albert show

The demographically age-challenged married couple that is 16-year-old Courtney Stodden and 51-year-old Doug Hutchison have been making the interview rounds defending their marriage and are pretty much saying the same thing at each stop. “We love each other, it started off innocently, Courtney’s parents encouraged the wedding, Courtney remained a virgin and  Courtney’s plastic surgeon is God.”

Well this is more of the same but it’s the format that caught me off guard. Ol’ Courtney and Doug took their awkward circus to the Father Albert syndicated religious based show. Father Albert Curié is affectionately called ‘Father Oprah’ by his dedicated viewers. His is not a past free of marital scandal as he once was a Roman Catholic priest who publicly parted from The Church because of a desire to get married. He is now an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church and is the Priest-in-Charge at The Church of the Resurrection in Biscayne Park, Florida.

Are you ready for more Doug and Court creepiness like Courtney claiming that Doug is a tiger in bed, but with a priest this time? Here we go! In clip number one Father A wants to know how these two could be so attached and what could draw them together. Doug’s answer, well God of course (playing to his audience)!

Father A now asks Courtney about plans for college and she says Doug’s her college which bothers the priest a little. Doug tries to blow it off by saying it’s Courtney’s since of humor (insert Rachel Reilly of Big Brother laugh-o-meter from Court) but then Doug explains that she’s his college too and that they are here to touch each other.

And of course we close with Courtney’s virginity… (Oh and the fact that Doug’s been married twice before)

On that last clip did you happen to catch the lady in the crowd reacting to the applause when Courtney makes her virginity declaration? Fear not if you didn’t because I’ve captured her for immortality as a gif! Here is the best summary of this whole Courtney-Doug love that has been expressed since the news first broke:

Father Albert audience member Courtney Stodden gif

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