VIDEO Twerking goes very wrong, girl sets herself on fire


Public service announcement to all the ladies out there: Think twice before engaging in risky twerking.

YouTube user Caitlin Heller learned the potentially negative consequences of irresponsible twerking earlier this week when she set out to create a “sexy twerk video” for her boyfriend. Mid-booty poppin’, Caitlin’s roommate walked through the front door. Caitlin lost her balance from her handstand and landed atop a table with lit candles — giving new meaning to “having a hot butt.”

Based on the open bottle of tequila and limes on the table, Caitlin was likely working with a bit of liquid courage when making the movie… But that actually harmed her when the liquor splashed onto the open flames.

Fortunately, Caitlin has a sense of humor. She shared the video on YouTube on Sept. 3 and it’s already earned 900,000+ views.

The GIF version has also been viewed countless times.

Caitlin Heller Twerking

For anyone interested in taking it a step farther, feel free to use this idea: Add in the chorus from Alicia Keys’ This Girl Is On Fire right after Caitlin topples!

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