VIDEO Pop Chips commercial – Ashton Kutcher is really a cheating llama

Rabid Twitterer and possible cheater Ashton Kutcher is fighting back against infedility rumors raised by Brittney Jones with a Pop Chips commercial.

Ashton declares himself President of Pop Culture while a robotic voice asks if he’s just like every other politician. Then, a clip of Bill Clinton denying sexual relations with that woman plays, and more robotic rumors, like that Ashton may be a llama.

It’s an interesting strategy, but it’s still a dodge and not a direct statement about whether or not he actually had sexual relations with Brittney Jones. Ashton and his hottie wife Demi Moore recently went on a spiritual journey together to Israel, and have been clinging to each other in public to make sure we know they’re still cool.

Brittney has also claimed that the Twitter power couple have an open marriage, so if Demi’s cool with Ashton’s dalliances, we should be too.

Pop chips are a low calories, low-fat potato chip that are not baked or fried, but popped with air. They’re actually pretty tasty.