VIDEO PHOTOS – Is Rebecca Black’s “Friday” YouTube hit fake or real?

Opening scene from "Friday" video by Rebecca Black

You may not have heard this song on the radio…yet. But it’s a YouTube smash, racking up hits faster than you can say “Bieber.” Granted, we first heard about Rebecca Black’s song and video for “Friday” from this Tosh.0 post ridiculing the presentation of the video, the performance and especially the lyrics, but 3 million plus views is 3 million plus views!

Let’s take a look at the video everyone’s watching:

While it’s certainly not sophisticated at all, it definitely sounds like the kind of song written and sung by a typical 13-year-old (i.e., not one possessed with all the talents of a phenom like Justin Bieber). In that light, maybe it’s a bit more bearable to take it on its merits. Most 13-year-olds I know truly are worried about selecting from among their available options in cereal, seats in a car, and what to do on the weekend…especially Friday!

It’s the amazingly bad lyrics combined with a glossy production that has the internet ablaze with a Rebecca Black obsession. Many are wondering if this is genuine attempt at popstar fame a-la Justin Bieber, or just a clever joke on the music industry. It turns out it’s sort of neither, or both. Rebecca is a product from The Ark Music Factory, a company set up to provide a service for young tween wannabe pop tarts as long as their parents have the ca$h. (CLICK HERE to find out more.)

Most Bieber fans are livid at the comparisons being made between Black and Bieber, and they have a point. Bieber is pop, but he’s the genuine article. Most parents or music snobs may turn up their nose to him, but his music hits all the marks of pop greatness: hummable melodies, smooth crooning, and lyrics designed to burrow deep into a teenage girl’s unsuspecting heart.

All Rebecca Black seems to be good at is naming the days of the week.

Rebecca Black has picked her seat!

Rebecca Black and her girlfriends heading to a party!

Here’s some more images from Rebecca’s “Friday” video:

Rebecca Black and friends spend Friday in some nice cars!

Rebecca Black rocks out at the Friday night party!

And, okay, so maybe we’d recommend Rebecca hit the books in her English class after reading the poor syntax shown in this video graphic. You gotta admit, though, it’s a classic:

We So Excited!

So what do you think of Rebecca Black and her “Friday” video? Phenomenal? Or phenom-en-awful?