Rebecca Black’s new “My Moment” music video premieres

Rebecca Black releases her new music video for the song My Moment

It’s Monday, Monday, Monday… and that means it’s time for the world to be treated to the premiere of viral internet sensation Rebecca Black’s music video for her brand new single “My Moment!”

The song is about Rebecca’s success with her song “Friday” and addresses all of her critics who said her fifteen minutes were up. In the video Rebecca takes us through the training stages of becoming a pop star, including time in the studio, on the red carpet and on the dance floor.

The pivotal moment in the video is when Rebecca arrives at “her moment” and just before stepping out of the limousine she lets go of her mother’s hand.

Rebecca Black photo from her video for the single My Moment

Now that I’ve done gone and spoilt it, here’s the video!

Hmmmm… Kinda seems like Brunettney Spears lite. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! I think the song is good enough that it will keep her rabid critics from starting a feeding frenzy. That being said, the song is a little on the generic side. What do you think? Will Rebecca Black be able to sustain a music career?