PHOTO Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots are wonderfully real

Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots

There are great ideas and then there’s the latest culinary creation from renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel. They’re called Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots and I’m getting cookie fever just thinking about ’em!

Ansel, the mastermind behind the Cronut, revealed that he’ll be introducing these bad rascals during his upcoming event at SXSW. The idea is simple enough, they’re tiny chocolate chip cookie containers that can hold a “shot” of milk.

Reps with his NYC based bakery told Eater that the inspiration came to Ansel after he tried Oreos for the very first time “a few weeks ago” and was encouraged, of course, to eat them with some milk – which is “not a natural combo in French culture.”

Inspired, Ansel created a chocolate chip cookie recipe that stays “crispy and moist in parts” but is still structurally sound enough to hold its intended beverage. “If everyone was drinking milk with cookies, you might as well make a dessert that allows them both to be combined,” Ansel said.

“Om non nom and amen,” we say!