New MTV reality series Stranded With A Million Dollars preview trailer, cast photos

MTV Stranded With A Million Dollars

MTV is getting in on the popular survivalist-based reality series genre with its newest offering that documents 10 young and attractive (this is MTV after all) people who are stranded on an island alone for 40 days. Drone cameras roll as the adventurers try to survive with just the clothes on their backs — oh, and one million dollars in cash.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what the hell these folks are supposed to do with a bunch of cash on an uninhabited tropical island, other than use it for toilet paper. For one thing, everyone who makes it the full 40 days gets to split the loot, whether it has poop on it or not. The catch is that the cast members are given the option to spend the money on much needed supplies like mosquito nets, tents, and pizza — but they have to pay Disney World prices.

Here are some examples:

Stranded With A Million Dollars supply costs tents mosquito net

Obviously it seems ridiculous that someone would spend $5,000 for mosquito netting, but I have to confess that if I was on some tropical island and I had to choose between these green pieces of paper with numbers on them or not being bitten by mosquitoes (and whatever else) any more, it would be hard to resist making that purchase!

Here’s the full Stranded With A Million Dollars preview trailer followed by some excerpts from the MTV press release announcing the series:

The participants are free to leave the island at any point by shooting a flare gun indicating they’re ready to throw in the towel and leave their pride and accumulated cash behind. Friends and foes are forced to work together in an intense group dynamic that tests psychological limits, pushes personalities to the brink and leaves everyone wondering who, if anyone, will make it to the end in this genre-busting series that would leave Katniss Everdeen breathless and the Lord of the Flies boys running for the hills.

Adding a modern spin to the survival show construct, Stranded with a Million Dollars relies on retrofitted drone cameras and robo-cam technology for principle photography. The unique fly-on-the wall result provides a rarely seen perspective for viewers, while truly adding a layer of isolation for the survivors as they fight brutal conditions…and each other.

Here is the complete cast list with full names, ages, where they are from, and Instagram links:

Alex Apple, 24
South Burlington, Vermont
Instagram: AlexApple7

Alonzo Gordon, 23
Buffalo, New York
Instagram: iamluckyvalentine

Ashley Mercer, 24
Media, Pennsylvania
Instagram: themercinater

Bria Fleming, 20
Los Angeles, California
Instagram: Naomibria

Christopher Lacerra, 19
Watertown, Massachusetts
Instagram: Uncle_christopher69

Cody Dunlap, 22
San Antonio, Texas
Instagram: CodyThrive

Eilish Rodriguez, 22
Bloomfield, New Mexico
Instagram: tewsdaykate

Gina Lam, 25
San Diego, California
Instagram: ginabaybay

Michael Schuur, 18
Palo Alto, California
Instagram: Schuurthang

Natalie “Makani” Paul, 21
Venice Beach, California
Instagram: makanime

Stranded With A Million Dollars premieres Tuesday, February 21 at 10/9c on MTV.

Oh, and if you were wondering “Where was MTV’s Stranded With A Million Dollars filmed?” the answer is the Taveuni island of Fiji. Filming took place between March and May of 2016 and according to The Fiji Times, approximately 150 locals were employed during production.

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