Worst FedEx delivery ever caught on video

Thanks to the internet, sometimes a dissatisfied customer can at least get the commiseration of 4 million people when their FedEx delivery guy breaks their computer monitor by throwing it over a gate instead of ringing your bell.

The customer posted the video on YouTube after he tried to get an apology from the company. He said he was sitting at home with the door wide open, and the delivery guy didn’t even bother to ring the bell on the gate.

Understandably, after the clip received millions of YouTube views, and was played on loop on television, they felt the need to do some damage control. Fed Ex Senior VP Matthew Thornton III made his own video and blog post titled Absolutely, Positively Unacceptable.

In short, he says they’ve made peace with the unidentified customer, gave him a new computer monitor, and he has accepted their apology. The driver in question is no longer delivering packages, and FedEx is nusing the YouTube video as an internal training tool.

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