VIDEO Losing It With John Stamos premiered sooner than expected

Yahoo Losing It With John Stamos

John Stamos proves celebrities are just like the rest of us in a new web series all about stars’ awkward experiences losing their virginity. The Yahoo production is appropriately called Losing It With John Stamos.

We first wrote about the show concept back in May, noting at the time it wasn’t supposed to premiere until Spring 2014. Somehow John pulled everything together faster than expected and the clips are now available to watch online!

The show is co-produced with Supersize Me documentarian Morgan Spurlock and features reenactments from puppets or cartoons. Each clip is a few minutes long and includes backstory on the celebrity’s sexual awakening. Some of the accounts are funny. Some are sweet. Some are downright TMI…

“I went through a five-year dry spell, but now I’m trying to be sluttier,” Perez Hilton said before going into an explicit description of his efforts.

Even with occasionally cringe-worthy moments, the segments are all entertaining. Plus, as one person commented on our previous story about Losing It, John Stamos could make a show about doing dishes worth watching.

So far, John’s interviewed South Park creator Matt Stone, blogger Perez Hilton, comedian Michael Rapaport, actor Alan Cummings, actress Olivia Munn and a few others.

Olivia Munn - Losing It With John Stamos

John told Entertainment Weekly he’s been impressed (and surprised) by celebrities’ willingness to open up about personal experiences.

“You’d be shocked,” John explained. “The people that you would think would be on there in two seconds, they’re like, ‘No way am I talking about that!’ Or vice versa.”

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