VIDEO – Kristen Wiig does tanorexic mom Patricia Krentcil on SNL

44-year-old New Jersey mom Patricia Krentcil is facing child endangerment charges for allegedly letting her fair-skinned five-year-old daughter go to the tanning bed.

Krentcil denies those charges, saying the sunburn her daughter got was a result of playing outside. Whether or not these allegations are true, it’s no doubt that Patricia herself has spent a little time under the fluorescent glow of tanning bed lamps. She’s now non-stop media circus, talking to reporters out of her window, and telling TMZ that “fat ugly” people have been jealous of her all her life.

When tan-loving fellow Jersey native Snooki called Patricia crazy, Patricia snapped back that “Snoopy” was fake, fat, and disgusting.

Here’s Kristin Wiig impersonating Krentcil last night on SNL (video below.) Our favorite line:

“Though I can’t blame them for jealous. I am alluring in a way they’ll never be. Trust me, there are plenty of men in New Jersey that would love to snap into this Slim Jim.”

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