VIDEO Katy Perry did the weather for Australian newscast, proved hilarious

Katy Perry Sunrise Seven

Katy Perry clearly hasn’t studied her Australian geography — resulting in her calling one southern town “Hogwarts” during a weather segment on Sunrise News.

The Roar singer agreed to help out with the weather report when she dropped by morning show in Australia on Wednesday.

Besides being a good sport with the weather report, Katy stayed upbeat while handling questions about her love life.

“All of my fans are my boyfriend,” said Katy, who reportedly split from John Mayer last month. Pointing to a koala, she added, “This is my boyfriend!”

During a recent interview with Sirius Radio, John was a bit more direct.

“She’s extremely driven and extremely serious about doing great work,” he said, hinting that was a reason for their split.

John also speculated on the reason women go back to old boyfriends: “They go back with a guy they don’t like just because they know how to get to his bathroom in the dark.”

It isn’t hard to see why Katy is so happy on the opposite side of the world…

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