Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher has a new face for Celebrity Rehab

Amy Fisher plastic surgery before and after

Amy Fisher, other-wise-known as the Long Island Lolita after she shot her 36-year-old lover Joey Buttfuocoa’s wife in the head 20 years ago when she was 16, is featured on Season 5 of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew for alcohol problems.

Things have changed since she served six years for almost murdering Mary Jo Buttafuoco. She’s been married for 12 years, has three children, does cheesy tabloid-headline grabbing porn for money (this started with her sex tape with husband Louis Bellera), and has a completely new face. She did have a rough spot with her husband Bellera in 2007. They split up, he served her with divorce papers, and she almost revived her romance with Joey Buttafuoco during a dinner date taped by the The Insider.

She told ET in a promo interview for the VH1 appearance that she doesn’t really have a problem with alcohol because she only drinks when she’s doing porn, but that she “makes an interesting cast member.” In other words, this lady has 99 billion problems, but alcohol is probably one of the lesser ones.

It’s been speculated that Amy had a boob job prior to doing porn, and it looks like she’s also seen her share of injectables in her cheeks, forehead, and especially the lips.

Here’s a close-up of Amy’s new boobs:

Long Island Lolita boob job - breast augmentation

Amy’s appearance on Celebrity Rehab is a chilling one. She introduces her story is a blase way, whining about why the media wasn’t sympathetic towards her after shooting a woman in the head:

“I was gonna tell Mary Jo that ‘he’s my boyfriend,’ and I remember he just being so close to me, and I just wanted her to back up, and just shot her. Instead of the media going, “This is a kid, this is a 16-year-old kid’ they called me Long Island Lolita, and Teen Seductress.”

Wait, what?!? Shooting your boyfriend’s wife in the head isn’t exactly a rite of passage, or regular silly mistake teenagers make. Forgive the media for being a little freaked out by the situation.

The Celebrity Rehab Season 5 cast also includes Micheal Lohan, but not Michaele Salahi, who was initially cast,but turned away after they couldn’t find her legitimately addicted to anything (I guess, besides fame and lying.) Click here to watch a sneak premiere of the first full episode. The show airs 10 p.m. EST Sundays on VH1.

Amy’s victim, Mary Jo Buttafuoco is still doing well, and in 2009 published a sensationally titled memoir explaining why she stuck with “sociopathic” husband Joey for so long.