VIDEO Donald Trump’s Freedom Girls are now internet famous


During a campaign stop in Pensacola, Florida, presidential hopeful Donald Trump had his eager supporters entertained by a trio of young performers known as the Freedom Girls.

The girls danced and sang a Donald-themed song about how he’s gonna make America great again. Unlike later, when the mic malfunctioned and Trump lost his freaking mind, the sound system was working just fine, and the young entertainers informed the crowd:

♬♬”Cowardice-are you serious?
Apologies for freedom-I can’t handle this!
Enemies of freedom-face the music.
Come on, boys, take ’em down!
President Donald Trump knows how to make America great
Deal from strength or get crushed every time.”♬♬

Much of the social media feedback, and there’s been a ton, hasn’t been positive….To be fair and balanced about all this, here’s an equally awkward clip from back in 2009 as school kids were taught a song praising President Barack Hussein Obama:

Could we just leave the kiddos out of this mess!?!

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