VIDEO Chris Pratt French braided intern’s hair during interview

Chris Pratt is so dreamy

This is pure Chris Prattasticness!

While taping an interview with Entertainment Tonight in promotion of the film Guardians of the Galaxy, actor Chris Pratt was reminded that he had bragged about being able to French braid hair in an image he posted via Instagram.

Interviewer: “You know you’re a leading man now, you’re a superhero, a great dad and all these manly things but apparently you’re pretty good at french braiding.”

Chris was then shown his own handy work:

To demonstrate his fierce hair styling abilities one seriously lucky intern named Jenn was brought out to get her hair done by Pratt while he completed the Q&A. Seriously…

I don’t even care if there were multiple takes done, Pratt brought his A game as he was, quoting lucky Jenn, “very gentle with his tender hands.”

#LongHairDOCare #Dreamy #YouAreTheSpecial

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