VIDEO Bradley Cooper before he was famous asking on Inside the Actor’s Studio with Sean Penn and Robert De Niro

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38-year-old Bradley Cooper is People‘s Sexiest Man Alive, and is enjoying both critical and box office success in The Silver Linings Playbook, but he’s been chasing his dreams for a long time.

When he was 24-years-old Bradley worked as a doorman at the Morgan Hotel while getting his MFA from NYU’s drama school. He would hold the door people like Leonardo DiCaprio, who’s now one of his buddies. He also got the chance to ask Sean Penn a question on a 1999 episode of Inside The Actor’s Studio.

Bradley: My name’s Bradley Cooper, I’m a second year actor. My question’s regarding HurlyBurly. What was it like to revisit the character after a ten-year hiatus. Did you have new discoveries? Did you find that it was a different approach because you’ve already done this character before?

Sean: Yeah, it was the first time I’ve done a film of something that I had done a play of. I think Marlon Brando said the movies are something just shy of a filmed rehearsal. And you really feel that whenever you’re doing a play. You get three weeks into the rehearsal of the play, you think “What have I been doing in these movies? How much more would I have found out if I had gone through this process prior to doing the movie?”

Check out Bradley really taking it all in:

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Bradley was actually on Inside the Actor’s Studio twice! He was also on for Silver Linings co-star Robert De Niro in 1999.

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