VIDEO Baby bikini onesie sparks parental ire in Mississippi

Bon Bebe bikini onesie

Action News 5 (sounds like one of the battling teams from Anchorman) out of Southaven, MS got a tip from a local outraged parent about a baby onesie for sale at an area store called Gordman’s. The outfit in question is the one seen above with the print of an adult woman’s body in a polka dot bikini.

This has sent the town into a “which side are you on” war of opinions on what is or isn’t inappropriate infant wear. Take it Action News 5!

The bikini onesie is made by Bon Bebe under their “Wild Child” brand. Via their website there was another little outfit with with a print that says “Lock Up Your Daughters.” The bikini number is sized for 18-month-old girls.

A mom told our man Michael Clark with 5 that, “I just think that is a little ridiculous that you would put that on your child.” While another mom-shopper had a different point of view, “I just think people overreact about stupid stuff. I don’t take offense to that at all.”

No one from Gordman’s or Bon Bebe got back with Michael about the bikini onesie. I know how that feels bro…

So what do you think of the bikini onesie? Is this flat out a horrible idea or is it just something cute and harmless for little princesses to wear?