VIDEO Aubrey O’Day delights in DJ Pauly D’s pierced penis


When Brandi Glanville accuses you of T-M-I you might have a situation on your hands!

Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day dishes some delicious deets about one devilish dalliance to Brandi, Jessica White and Somaya Reece in a teaser video for the season finale of Famously Single.

During a girls’ night out, Aubrey reveals that she and former Jersey Shore star Pauly D had themselves a good 24-hour run in the bedroom. O’Day then explains, “He has his penis pierced… It triggers the right spots.”

After a few “She said what?” faces from her co-stars, Glanville tells viewers, “Aubrey is an over-sharer. Pauly, I mean… I’m sorry. I feel bad for Pauly.”

Aubrey’s already moved on to the next reality TV chapter in her life, as she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last week. She posted the following love note to Pauly before her exile:

UPDATE: Perhaps things aren’t all happy pierced prancing ponies in Pauly and Aubrey’s world after all. Right after we published this article, TMZ revealed that Pauly pulled the plug on their relationship and scrubbed all the images of the pair together from his social media while doing so.

And, since Aubrey’s in the Big Brother house, it’s likely she doesn’t know that she’s now famously single again.

The season finale of Famously Single, featuring pierced Pauly’s D, airs Tuesday night at 10 on E!.