VIDEO A blowoutless Pauly D fresh out of the shower

Jersey Shore's Pauly D without his hairdo The Blowout

DJ Pauly D looks more like DJ Pauly Bieber in this hilarious video clip from Jersey Shore! Pauly has just gotten out of the shower and decides to share his “natural” look with roommates Sammi and Angelina, who serenade him with awwwwws and giggles before swooping in with combs and brushes for an impromptu hairstyle makeover!

Vinny also crashes the party and somehow gets a gander of Pauly’s new ‘do in spite of his eyelids suffering through some sort of prolonged epileptic attack:

Here’s Pauly D after the makeover looking like the main character from the Jersey Shore version of Mad Men:

Jersey Shore's Pauly D gets a hairstyle makeover from Angelina and Sammi

Pauly D without The Blowout is almost as great as Michael Cera with The Blowout!

(Speaking of blowout, if you watch just around the 1:26 mark you will catch a glimpse of Sammi’s “other” hairdo as her short skirt travels a little too far north along the Hershey Highway.) (Yeah, I know – they’re probably just black panties. But on the other hand, this is Jersey Shore we’re talking about!)