VIDEO American Horror Story releases new teaser, details for Coven

American Horror Story Detention
Fans of American Horror Story have to wait until October for the premiere of the show’s third season, Coven. That wait was either made a little easier or a little bit more agonizing today with the release of a promotional video…

As one of the aforementioned fans of American Horror Story, I fall under the “more agonizing” category. I cannot wait until October! Just as with the opening videos for Murder House and Asylum, this 17-second clip makes my heart race and my palms get sweaty. Not many promo videos can elicit such a response!

This video, titled “Detention,” was released on American Horror Story‘s Facebook page. The caption simply said, “This October… Lift your spirits.”

Although the video basically only reveals the season will be creepy, we do know a bit more about season three of American Horror Story thanks to its actors and producers: Coven will be set in New Orleans and is based on a true story. It will alternate between the 1830s and present day. Most of the good ol’ AHS regulars will return and will be joined by new some new cast members including Emma Roberts and Kathy Bates.

As in past seasons, Jessica Lange will play a key role.

“The witches of Salem, the smart ones, got out very early and they were none of the ones who were burned,” Ryan Murphy said last week. “They all gravitated toward New Orleans, where they now live, and every generation has a great witch who has the most powers of them all, and that’s called the Supreme. Ms. Jessica Lange is the Supreme.”

Lange’s “Salem witch” character will be pitted against Angela Bassett’s “voodoo witch” role. Kathy Bates will also have a significant role as real-life serial killer Madame LaLaurie.

“When I pitched this to Kathy, her mouth was drop-jawed because what I was pitching actually happened,” Murphy said earlier this year. “It’s a true event… You’ll see. It’s some good stuff.”

I’m sure it is, Ryan! Now give us a premiere date so we can feel even more eager!

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