VIDEO Alf repeatedly uses the “N” word in blooper reel

Alf using profanity

Thanks to someone who bought a video tape of Alf outtakes on eBay ten years ago, we all get to see what the show would have been like had it been shown on HBO or Showtime.

This Youtube video shows America’s favorite sarcastic Alien being a bit foul-mouthed and risque in between takes, including a scene in which he appears to be pretending to have Tourette syndrome and blurts out profanities including, but not restricted to, the repeated use of the “N” word! The Tourette scene occurs just after the 4:30 mark and is immediately followed by an awkward moment when Alf asks actress Andrea Elson (the Tanner daughter) to straddle him:

In case you didn’t know, Alf wasn’t a real alien but a puppet controlled and voiced for the most part by series creator Paul Fusco. I’m not sure what Paul has been up to over the last decade, but it can’t be long before Hollywood decides to give Alf the nostalgic movie remake treatment, so hang in there buddy! After seeing these outtakes I’m excited about what an “R” rated Alf movie would be like!