5 Megamind character posters: Metro Man, Minion, Roxanne, Tighten, Megamind

Megamind character poster

Dreamworks has released character posters for five of the main characters from the upcoming animated 3D film Megamind, due to be released November 5!

The movie is about evil super-genius Megamind (Will Ferrell) who, without giving anything away, suddenly finds himself without his super-hero counterpart Metro Man (Brad Pitt). Out of boredom he creates an even better do-good nemesis to occupy his time, but things get a little out of hand when his creation Tighten (Jonah Hill – my guess is that his name was supposed to be Titan but as is his luck in life, the press misspelled it) decides he might be better suited not doing good!

Also landing a major role (and poster!) is geek goddess Tina Fey, who voices roving reporter Roxanne Ritchi.

Here are the rest of the character posters (Click photos for larger images)

Minion character poster from Megamind

MINION (Voice by David Cross)

Metro Man character poster from Megamind

Metro Man (Voice by Brad Pitt)

Roxanne Ritchi character poster for Megamind

Roxanne (Voice by Tina Fey)

Tighten or Titan character poster for Megamind

Tighten or Titan (Voice by Jonah Hill)


Top poster: Megamind (Voice by Will Ferrell)

As a bonus, here is the brand spankin’ new Megamind trailer!

Photos: HeyUGuys