VIDEO 2-year-old needs his Iron Maiden!

Viral image from 2-year-old who cries for Iron Maiden

Having a little toddler myself I’ve thought of just about everything I can to make her stop crying while I’m trying to drive. Promises of candy, ice cream, Caillou videos, a trip to Chuckee Cheese but blasting some Iron Maiden never crossed my mind. Maybe that’s where I went wrong!

In the following clip that has melted faces like a Dave Murray solo see a sweet little 2-year-old boy who will not settle for anything less than the number of the beast!

When little Brocker’s face lights up once mom finally manages to get it rockin’ it’s so priceless. Don’t dismiss his brother who manages to throw in the devil horns like a head banging vet either.

Here’s the tune “Fear of the Dark” just in case your little one is throwing a tantrum and needs the soothing vibes of Iron Maiden to HARD-ly rock them to sleep!!!

What? That didn’t work!?! Kids man I swear…