VIDEO Clerk forces armed robber to wipe up own blood after delivering fist nap

Mug Shot Mostafa Kamal Hendi

The man you see above is Mr. Mostafa Kamal Hendi and he picked the worst place and person to try to rob.

The person in question was the clerk at the We Buy Gold store located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. His name is Derek Mothershead and kid brings the mother load with his left hook. Hendi strolled into We Buy Gold wearing a black hoodie as you’ll see in the following video. He demanded that Derek open up his drawer and then he stepped around the counter revealing a gun.

Derek made the decision to take matters in his own hands fist and he proceeded to absolutely destroy Hendi’s face. The following footage is violent but the laissez-faire news anchor should help with that a little:

Dude… That was a nasty shot and when the robber finally woke up from his fist nap Mothershead made him clean up his blood from the floor with paper towels and cleaner. Clint Eastwood called and wants his “tough” back! And how about the reporter in that clip? He sounded like some mix of Stone Phillips and Ron Burgandy.

Mothershead stated:

“When he came through the door he told me had a gun and he even flashed it. I stood up and threw my hands up and said, ‘Take the money.’ When he reached out, I took a step in, I cocked back and preloaded and I hit him hard. He kind of begged me, begged me to let him go. I said, ‘You came in and tried to rob us. You’re going to jail.’ At the time you really don’t think you hit somebody as hard as you do, but looking back at the tape I can say I hit him pretty hard. There was just an opportunity where I thought that I could actually do something and justice could be served, and I thought that’s what needed to be done.”

Derek added: “If he wants money, get a job. Work like everybody else in this world.”

Store manager Juaz Cruz had his employee’s back as he added, “Merry Christmas Mostafa Hendi.”

You know if I’m Mothershead, I’m asking Mr. Cruz for a raise. What’s he gonna do? Say no!?!

Here’s Derek being interviewed a few days after his fists of fury:

Momma said knock you out.

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