Twitter emergency! Courtney Love’s twitter account gets shut-down after Simorangkir libel lawsuit


No more Gone Ho Journalism!

Courtney Love has quit Twitter! Well, it’s more like Twitter quit her, according to PopEater. Courtney’s been using her Twitter account as a soap box to report information about her “investigations” because she thought someone was stealing all of her clothes and money. She recently got slapped with a libel lawsuit by designer Dawn Simorangkir after she used Twitter and MySpace to call Simorangkir a “drug dealer, a racist, an unfit mother and a homophobe.”

If probably took several months for Simorangkir’s lawyers to decode Court’s messages, since they’re written in a special “hot mess” language with a hint of “trainwreck” dialect. Even France Bean has inherited a touch of her mom’s unique language skills.

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