TOO LARGE Corey Phelps before and after weight loss

Corey Phelps has endured a lot in his life. As a child, he had always been larger than his peers and endured bullying for it. His weight escalated in high school after he came out as gay and was rejected by his mom because of her religion. Eventually, Corey moved out of his mother’s house because of her lack of tolerance for his sexuality but became homeless because he had nowhere else to go. He achieved stability with the help of the Good Neighbor homeless shelter, where he found his best friend Renee and was able to find a job in tech support.

At 28-year-old, Corey was on a better path in life and sharing a one-bedroom apartment in Cartersville, GA with Renee. However, his weight had gotten out of control while he focused on other things, and he and Renee found themselves enabling each other. At 664 lbs. he knew he needed help to save his health and his independence, so he looked for help with the show Too Large and weight loss surgery with Dr. Proctor.

As of this summer, Corey was under 400 lbs., and his Instagram is updated regularly with photos from his walks, showing that he’s still committed to his health while remaining body positive. Just seven days ago Corey posted a photo of himself on a mountain.

In July 2021 the now 30-year-old Corey gave an update to Studio 10 in Australia. He says he measures his success not so much in what he’s lost, but in what he’s gained, liketh e ability to walk for miles when not so long ago he could barely made it to his car from his front door.

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