VIDEO George Zimmerman questioned by cops when he went to a man’s work days after allegedly threatening to kill him

George Zimmerman Road Rage

For what seems like the umpteenth time in little more than one year, George Zimmerman is back in the news for alleged drama relating to his temper: According to Orlando’s WKMG, Zimmerman showed up at a man’s work two days after threatening to kill him because of a traffic disagreement.

The unnamed man initially called police on Tuesday when the driver of a truck (later identified as Zimmerman) pulled up next to him and yelled across the road, “Why are you pointing a finger at me? … Do you know who I am? … I’ll f**king kill you.”

The man was trailed as he pulled over to call police, but Zimmerman took off before authorities arrived.

The incident may have been forgotten — or, at least, not widely reported — if Zimmerman hadn’t showed up outside the other man’s workplace on Thursday. After the man noticed Zimmerman’s truck in the parking lot, he called the police again.

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In his videotaped discussion with officers, Zimmerman admitted he had a disagreement with the man earlier in the week. However, he claimed it was just a coincidence that he was hanging out in the business complex where the man works. (Zimmerman said he was going to the doctor.) He was allowed to go free when the other man declined to press charges.

Since Zimmerman was acquitted of charges relating to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in July 2013, he was detained in September for allegedly pulling a gun on his father-in-law and ex-wife and arrested in November for a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

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