The New York Post says Snooki was lying about not being pregnant; she’s reportedly three months along

Remember when Star Magazine and it’s website Radar Online broke the news that Snooki was pregnant around the end of, and then she denied it for days during a media blitz?

Well, according to a New York Post headline today “Snooki lied — she’s preggers.” According to the paper, Snooki, who is reportedly three months along with boyfriend Jionni LaValle’s baby, was keeping the pregnancy under wraps so she could shop it to tabloids. She reportedly struck a deal for an exclusive cover story with US Weekly.

If this story is true, we have to admit, Snooki DID seem a little TOO jokey with her denials of the pregnancy when she appeared on GMA, Watch What Happens Live, and other television shows. It seems pretty plausible, because this type of thing happens all the time with pregnant celebrities. They sometimes publicly deny true reports so they can hustle a little $ for their big life announcements.

If it is true, congrats Snooki! We’re guessing that it will change the nature of her new show with Jwoww, but we have no doubt that watching Snooki prepare for a baby will probably be a LOT more fun than watching her do the same old “get trashed on the boardwalk” schtick.

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