The Jo de la Rosa music video Gretchen Rossi was in for one second

The past few nights have graced us with the joys of a Real Housewives reunion, full of bouts of denial and craziness. Along with that was the knowledge that Gretchen bought the publishing catalog of Jo de la Rosa’s producer Bryan Todd (which she bought in a dubious sounding “fire sale” and will probably never, ever, see a penny from). Gretchen, of course, was introduced to Bryan Todd by her boyfriend Slade Smiley, who once dated Jo de la Rosa on a little show called Real Housewives of Orange County. Hah. Small world.

Last season on this same show, Gretchen was filmed by Bravo being an extra in Jo’s music video “U Can’t Control Me.” It made for good Bravo television, but Gretchen’s role was exceeding small in an already small project. She’s exactly at the 1:04 mark. If you blink, you miss her, she’s gone by 1:05. Thankfully we provided the screen capture above.

Bryan Todd also just happens to be the producer who helped Gretchen record her song to her fiance Jeff Bietzel, who died of leukemia September 2008, “Nothing Without You”.