VIDEO Jill Dillard is pregnant! 19 Kids star expecting baby with husband Derick Dillard

Jill Duggar Pregnancy Announcement

There was a happy post-honeymoon surprise for 19 Kids and Counting‘s Jill Dillard and Derick Dillard…

“We’re having a baby!” the former Jill Duggar told People. “We are so excited.”

Jill and Derick married in front of 1,000+ guests on June 21. Afterward, they immediately got to work on starting their own super-sized family. Jill said she took several pregnancy tests during July and was starting to believe they didn’t conceive that cycle, but her mom and sisters convinced her to take another test when she was visiting their home.

“They were like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I was like, ‘No.’ And they’re like, ‘Well Mom has pregnancy tests upstairs and you could be pregnant, so you should take one,'” Jill, 23, recalled. “It was more to prove them wrong… Well!”

Dad-to-be Derick, who is an accountant for Wal-Mart’s corporate center, said, “It was surreal. We were shocked. Both of us are so excited… Looking forward to having a new life, speaking of how busy life’s been.”

That excitement is definitely shared by Jill’s family.

“About 30 days after Jill and Derick got married they gathered everyone in the living room and shared the news,” Jim Bob Duggar said. “Everyone was clapping and cheering, and we were in shock, too.”

They also shared the news with Derick’s family, including his mom who is battling cancer.

Derick said of their big-picture plans, “As far as our future, we’re not trying or not trying to have kids, so we’ll just see. What God brings along.”

Jill added, “We’re open to as many kids as God gives us.”

The new baby is due in March 2015. Congrats to the couple!

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